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    Congratulations, @sparklepants41!!!  What a beautiful baby!  Glad to hear that everyone is doing well.
  • Re: Come clean...otherwise what is the point of recovery?

    I don't think it's that big of a deal, but obviously it's causing the LW a lot of stress, so rip the Band-Aid off and move on.
  • Re: Why are people telling her she's not invited?!

    mrsconn23 said:

    Dear Prudence,

    I have a friend who keeps pushing to be invited to events. I’ve known her for several years, but we aren’t that close. My partner considers her a killjoy who psychoanalyzes him too much; others in our group have complained about her mooching. She is a sweet girl with good intentions who simply does not pick up on social cues, and I don’t want to cut her out of my life as I can enjoy her company. However, I also don’t want to get a text every time I choose not to invite her along. She once even told me when my partner had “forgotten” to include her on an email asking a few friends to help us move! How do I politely tell her that it is rude to text me every time she’s not invited to an event I’m hosting, and that it is not always a mistake?

    —Pushed Over the Edge

    I mean, to the LW's question, that's not a bad start.  Not everyone has to do everything together, so stop making it an issue.
  • Re: Perfect time to ignore 'hints'.

    Has she even had a conversation with her boss about this?  Because that's where I'd start.  Cutting off baked goods, while valid, feels pretty passive aggressive in the absence of any other action.  Time to speak truth to power, LW. 

    And to southern's point, she's shooting the messenger.  It doesn't sound like these co-workers even know that the admins didn't get a raise, and now she says she can't stand to be around them.  Not their fault.
  • Re: At least she asked the right question?

    This is the LW for whom the phrase "Slow your roll" was invented.  Divorce, on-again/off-again with co-worker, slept with another co-worker?  That's a very active social life.  If it were working for her, I'd be judgment free, but obviously if she's writing Prudie, it's not working.  Finish the divorce.  Stay away from the co-workers.  Get a cat.  Find a hobby.  Let the dust settle before you go jumping into the next thing that passes through.