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    @TwoDimes - OMG. He is SO adorable!!!
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    I wayyy overextended myself with dinner last night. I was craving stuffing, so I got home, baked cornbread, cooked some Italian sausage, and put together a sausage-cranberry cornbread stuffing. I also cooked some sweet potatoes, biscuits, made cranberry sauce, and cooked some turkey tenderloins I had marinated in soy sauce, rosemary, and mustard. It was such a good meal, but not worth being on my feet for an hour and a half!

    DH and I watched Girls and Togetherness, then listened to HP in bed for a little while (we're on POA, he's never read the books!!!) before I fell asleep.

    My boss is out of town all week, so work is fairly relaxing but I really want to kick ass this week and get some big projects done, since I may be talking to him about my post-baby plans next week (I'm asking for 3 WFH days a week).

    @Swazzle - Way to go on getting up early to work out AGAIN!!!

    @southernpeach89 - I'm raging for you. SPOILING your infant daughter by HOLDING her too much? People are stupid.
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    @minskat30 - I looooove that glider! And the quilt is super pretty!
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    @southernpeach89 - I'm annoyed your dinner wasn't perfect! I hope the food (& wine) were delicious at least!!

    @Swazzle - I am SO impressed that you woke up and worked out this morning. Keep it up!!! I'll gain all that weight you're losing, you're welcome.

    @lavenderfields13 - I'm sorry your open house plans keep getting ruined! It will all happen when it's supposed to happen! And we've talked about names a lot, but are not even close to deciding on one. We don't plan on telling anyone until after baby is born though.

    @cocobellaf - Yay for new floors! And now I want some of that chicken salad....

    @500days - How much snow did you get??? We only got maaaaybe an inch here, and it didn't really stick to the streets.

    @TwoDimes - Woot!!! So happy you guys got to go celebrate that promotion! And I bet passing on some of your good fortune just made it even better <3

    @cu97tiger - You are kicking ASS. I am so impressed by you. Keep it up and do NOT let where others are at affect how proud you are of your own accomplishments.

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    Hey guys!! I had one of the best weekends I've ever had :smile: 

    Friday afternoon, DH and I went to the doctor's office for Bloob's anatomy scan. I was so happy and relieved that baby is growing and developing normally, and measured at a healthy 12.5oz! Also - Bloob is a BOY! I've felt he was a boy from the beginning, and I was so happy to be right. DH is over the moon excited too. That evening, he said to me "You know, I'm sure I would have been just as excited if it was a girl, but I'm surprised at how...proud...I feel." He also said that he felt resigned to a life surrounded by girls (he has 3 sisters, and I have two sisters and two stepsisters, plus we have a girl dog) - and he's so happy that now *I* will be the one outnumbered. 

    Saturday I did a lot of cleaning, and met up with someone to sell them my paper cutter I listed for sale on FB, and then I did all my food shopping for the week.

    Sunday, my mom and stepdad came over and immediately cut into the gender reveal cake I made, and then the men got to work painting my bedroom, and my mom and I went to the mall and bought about 25 baby outfits - not even exaggerating. I also bought new curtains and some throw pillows for my bed. I cannot WAIT to AW my "new" bedroom as soon as I'm done decorating it. I looooooooooooooove how it's looking.

    I'm hoping this will be a lovely relaxed week, since my boss is on vacation, it's only a 4 day week for me, and on Friday DH, puppo, and I are driving up to Rochester to spend the weekend meeting our 4 month old nephew and hanging out with one of DH's best friends.


    What foods are you planning to eat today? 
    I've already eaten a piece of cake, and coffee. For lunch I'm having Progresso Italian Wedding soup, and for dinner I'm making turkey breast, homemade cornbread stuffing (with Italian sausage and cranberries!), and sweet potatoes.

    Favorite alcoholic beverage?
    It's a tie! Sweet shiraz or a margarita on the rocks with salt.

    Favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
    Ruby red grapefruit seltzer

    Favorite kind of cake? 
    Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting

    Favorite kind of cookie?
    A perfect (chewy, slightly crispy) chocolate chip cookie with sea salt

    Would you prefer to give up dessert, booze, or pasta?
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