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  • I'm not a florist…can I arrange my own baby's breath??

    Hi everyone,
    I'm getting married next May and for my flowers, I really just want baby's breath everywhere. I got a quote from a local florist and it seems quite high for only asking for baby's breath (close to $1000). Since baby's breath doesn't appear to need a lot of arranging, I'm wondering if this is something that I can just do myself. 

    Here is where the baby's breath would be needed:
    3 bridesmaid's bouquets
    3 groomsmen boutonnieres (essentially just a tiny, delicate sprig for each)
    10-12 galvanized buckets with baby's breath for ceremony aisle
    10-12 table centerpieces
    very small either wooden boxes or glass vases for place card holders for ~100 guests (to go on the tables)
    a ring of baby's breath around my cake

    On Costco's website, you can buy 100 stems of baby's breath for $89.99. My questions are:
    -is it realistic to arrange the above mentioned items myself? Or, will they not look nice?
    -if I can do everything myself, will 100 stems be enough? Or should I order more?
    -If I order the baby's breath from Costco, when should I have it delivered? the week of the wedding? 2 days before? the night before? I'll need enough time to arrange everything but still want the flowers alive and fresh looking
    -can you arrange the flowers ahead of time and refrigerate? if so, for how long? do they then look droopy if you take them out? the ceremony will be at a park near the beach, will the direct sunlight make them droopy?
    -should I arrange them and place them in water?
    -some people have mentioned that baby's breath do not smell the best…any suggestions on this?

    -If it's not feasible to do this work myself, what would be a reasonable cost for a florist?

    I'm sorry for so many questions. Thank you for taking the time to answer!