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  • Re: "Being a bridesmaid is a job and you should just shut up and do your job."

    Wtf kind of advice is this?
  • Re: Thank you.

    I think I remember your post from last year. I didn't read all of this but I got the gist of it. I don't remember what I commented then but I'm guessing I said something like: Your mother isn't worth mending a relationship. It seems like you're trying to be the bigger person and reconnect but a person who abused you does not deserve it. Please listen to the advise we've all given you. You love your husband and you're happy together, he is your family, and your family is growing. That's all you need. Let go of toxic people and PLEASE seek therapy. Since it seems like you two are living comfortably, I'm guessing you guys can afford it. If not for yourself then for your future child, your kid deserves a mother that feels good about herself and isn't in the pain you're in.
  • Re: For a laugh

    This was great! Although admittedly we had both a hashtag and snapchat filter #noshame 
  • Re: Wedding recap! 05/26/2017

    Congratulations! Wow, you look so ethereal! Love your dress and your makeup and everything!!! Omg! And your adorable dog. :heart: STUNNING pictures! 

    Thank you!
  • Re: do you know jesus christ?

    They would come by all the time when I was a kid, and my mom would just let them in! She told me later that she doesn't even believe in the same things they do. I had to stay in her room while they talked in the living room. So boringgg. 

    The last encounter was when I was standing in the street and two ladies came up to me to talk about god. I told them I'm sorry but I'm not religious so they can leave me alone, so they said
    "but you believe in god right?"
    "No I'm Atheist"
    "I'm sure if you read the bible you would believe"
    "I read the entire bible, it's interesting but I don't believe in god"
    "I'm sure god meant for this meeting to happen, so you can hear his message"
    Then my dad came and I left quickly.

    What I was thinking: *Lady I stand there every week to meet my dad, it was very likely you'd see me there eventually.*