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  • Re: Leave them alone. You're a nightmare.

    When I read this letter, I assumed it HAD to be fake. Are there people really that obtuse out there?
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    shoogaroo said:
    When I asked them to be in the bridal party I got them champagne, bath bombs, champagne glasses, and nice robes . 

    I got the groomsmen special bottle openers made from bullets. 

    I already bought my parents and his mom a gift for the day of . (lost of what to get father of groom-- is alcohol inappropriate?)

    We put money towards accomodations for everyone in bridal party to limit any financial burden so all they have to pay for is their dress/shoes and if they want to get their makeup done. They did not want to wake up early so I paid  for a second person to arrive so that they could wake up at 10:00 am. I thought that was a nice little gift or notion--though my MIL thinks that they should all have to pay for that. 

    I was still planning on getting them something--but not as big as a gift as before . Just something small to say thank you -- I just don't want to spend another 500 dollars on this . I was hoping socks for the groomsmen or a pocket watch or a baseball bat (engraved) and little stuff for the bridesmaids they like.

    The Parents I was going to spend around 80 a person.  

     TBH, no wedding I have ever been to has done gifts. I am planning by myself and I feel like there are so many rules and different situations.

    None of it has to be big - just personal to them and not related to your wedding.  I'll be paying for my girls hair and make-up, but I'll also got them each a piece of jewelry that they have no obligation to wear to the ceremony that is tailored to their tastes - one a vintage bangle, one a pair of long silver earrings, and the third a pair of wrapped stud earrings. Just be thoughtful in what you're giving them - it goes a long way. I've been on the receiving end of these gifts, and it's obvious when someone has put thought into it. 
  • Re: Apple Cider Vinegar

    You know what works really damn well?  Going to the freaking doctor instead of trying to ACV, baking soda, coconut oil, garlic in your vag, or any other internet remedy your way to super duper health!  
    I had one last week - didn't even have to go in. The doctor called an Rx in to the pharmacy! 
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    Whoa whoa whoa ..... coconut in BBQ sauce!? Never heard of this!

    Does anyone have a recipe they love? Might as well give it a shot!
    I think they mean ACV in BBQ?
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    Yeah we use it for pulled pork in the slow cooker and to solve fruit fly issues. But that pulled pork does somethin' good for my mental health that's for sure.