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    VarunaTT said:
    Humans are magnificently complicated.  :D
    Without identity changes they're already complicated lmao
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    A bit off topic but, from your posts @MissKittyDanger, I feel like I have a good grasp of your cats' personalities, lol.

    I totally picture Angel as a sweet, but sensitive, soul.  And Penny as, also sweet, but independent and everyone better "clear the aisle" while I prance past.

    All of that said in a complimentary fashion for their own, but different, kitty traits.

    Lol!!! Yes, for the most part. Angel can be a raging dick when he wants to. {he's large so can get aggressive but really only when it comes to food}
    He's like a large puff ball and loves to cuddle

    Penny is sassy. For a feral cat, she's very timid. If she likes you, she'll be 100% "move so I can prance around", if she's feeling shy she'll be the cat watching from the distance. So much sweeter than people expect.
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    For anyone who is a Dr Who fan, you'll get this ....

    I'm officially 19 weeks!!!


    Baby is size of an Adipose!
    {or gameboy if you're not familiar with them}
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    @6fsn ; Urg I hate when someone messes with routine! I swear it throws me off for a few hours

    @TrixieJess ; I'm 95% we live in the same area :| or at least about 45mins away from each other. lol

    @charlotte989875 ; Feeling vibes <3

    Last night we were out later than anticipated. At my nana's for awhile, then M had to stop at a buddy's place briefly. Stayed and chatted a bit.

    Tonight we're dropping donation stuff and swinging by my mum's place. Her friend is over and has a question about her vape for M.

    Downside about not being home right after work is that we're getting flash freezing today, so I've already warned him that he'll likely have to help me walk. He's salting when we get home, while I move stuff because WE GET BABY STUFF TOMORROWWWWW!!!

    So I need to move everything away from the front door and the front hall shelving, just in case. Likely we'll just bring most of the stuff to the bedroom, but we'll see.
    Kinda works out, since I need to tidy up the mudroom area anyways.