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  • Re: Critique my wedding budget / what am I missing?

    MesmrEwe said:
    NYC - your cake budget is low by at least half or more in comparison to the rest of the budget.  For the "level" of event you're planning, you're going to want to triple that part of the budget.  Same for your Groom's attire.  That said, your band budget seems high considering the costs of acts that are out there (this from a performer's perspective - great your budget is living wage, OTOH, js you'd be amazed the level of performer you can get for that)...  

    Thanks! We actually booked a venue today and it includes a designed custom cake in the PP price, yay! Price is $175 PP, including premium open bar including a signature cocktail and champagne toast, 8 passed apps, 2 stations, salad course, choice of entrees, and desert buffet and custom designed cake. Also includes valet service, coat check, a bridal attendant. Plus tax and tip, so actually $230 PP all in. I know it's not cheap, but it does feel like good value.

    TBH - my groom is wearing a tux he already owns, most likely. He got one custom tailored for him as a GM in a wedding this year, and it looks amazing on him. I don't really see any reason for him to buy a new one? unless I'm crazy. Maybe he'll add some new pocket square/bow tie/cuff links, but I actually feel like we can cut that down.

    On the band, my thinking is, "we really want an awesome band!" and people have been telling us anything from $5k to $15k. I wanted to make sure we had room for it in the budget, though I definitely hope to find something I love for under $10k
    I’m normally just a lurker here, but I had to chime in with a band recommendation! My H and I were married a little over 4 years ago in the northern NJ suburbs of NYC. We had a band called Rock and Soul at our wedding and they cost us about $9k. They were AMAZING and a pleasure to work with - the band can be configured in many different ways to fit your venue space and budget. They also have a videographer if you are interested in that. Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with your planning!