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  • Re: Friday!

    @Heffalump Welcome back
    @MissKittyDanger and @levioosa I hope you feel better soon! 

    More entertaining here. I've already had enough social interaction to suffice the next decade. LOL
    Another aunt comes tomorrow. She's taking my bedroom. I have SO much cleaning left. With so many guests, I feel like I'm never finished cleaning. 

  • Re: Thursday

    Happy Birthday @DrillSergeantCat!
  • Re: 17 mo old flower girl.

    Not that I need to respond to yall but my fiancé finds y'all hilarious and wants me to keep the convo going so here goes...
    Let me put it this way....
    I don't give 2 shit's if the kids are uglier than dirt. THATS NOT THE REASON I WANT THEM IN THE WEDDING. what part of that yall can't seem to get I don't know. Oh wait I know because I MENTIONED they were cute. My bad. They're ugly as shit but I love them and want them in wedding regardless. Better?? 

    Like I said this is all pointless because the originally planned FG and RB parents agreed. 
    @flantastic please explain how having my cousins in my wedding is inappropriate?? 
    Cuz I think they're cute?? Not the reason I picked them and I never said it was. I said they were cute. I didn't say it was the reason. 
  • Re: FB and RB parents headed for divorce...17 mo year old too young?

    Thank y'all have been SUPER helpful...
    I asked my cousin and she said yes. The entire family had been waiting for me to ask (which I knew) but she was super honored that I truly want them in the wedding and not just because that's what my family expects me to do. 

    And "sorry not sorry" for thinking my cousins are cute. :-) I'm not a bitch **Removed for ToS violation** 
    I don't think anyone has a problem with you finding them cute. Just that you come across as wanting a (read any ) flower girl and ring bearer instead of wanting to specifically honor someone. Trust me, we all hope the latter is the case. 
  • Re: Manic Monday!

    @southernbelle0915 I need a vacation already! LOL!
    @soontobemrs-2 I hope the fix up your mom's place soon! And that there wasn't too much damage! How high was the water?
    @DrillSergeantCat Glad you enjoyed Garth! How have you been feeling as of late? Sorry about the kiddo's egg allergy.
    @lyndausvi Beautiful pictures! Sorry about your back! Give your self enough of a break to heal and then slowly start exercising the muscle. That's what I've usually had to do all the times I injured/tore muscles/ligaments/tendons.
    @MissKittyDanger Feel better soon! And try to stay hydrated! I hope you find relief from whatever is stressing you soon!
    The official date is Friday August 4 (Not the most common day here, but Fridays are important in my religion and most countries that identify my religion as the country's have Friday and Saturday off instead of Saturday and Sunday).

    @levioosa Positive vibes for dad! I hope it's nothing severe and that he is in good health soon!