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  • Re: Week 6, y'all.

    I was working with a woman this week who is a Trump supporter. I generally don't talk politics with people at work, especially people who tend to be the polar opposite but after so many random one line comments about "Democrats need to stop whining" and such, I got over it. Guys, this woman had to be the least educated person I know and it was scary. One of the proposed changes is to accelerate drug approvals by cutting regulations. I can get into the details on it but this is just a horrible idea and the FDA already approves quicker than other countries. So I asked her what regulations needed to go, and she had nothing. What needs to change...nothing. But she loves that orange fucker and if he says it, it'll be good. I've worked in drug development for over a decade and we can make changes but cutting regulations is not one of them. 
  • Re: Friday?

    Howdy sluts. Long time no chat. I'm supposed to be working on a gazillion reports and finishing up after this week, but I am burnt out after last week. I need to go pick up DS at noon because they have a half day, then I have a meeting at the school for the spring festival that I have to attend. I got roped into leading the decoration/set-up committee.

    This weekend is who knows what. DD has dance on Saturday and I desperately need to clean my house. Fun times!
  • Re: Thursday!

    Morning. 9 more days of work left. I am being a horrible employee but to be honest, after months of being overworked and burnout I'm just done. Plus, in some amazing stroke of luck my computer keeps doing some weird shit and is dying. I wish I would have made my last day next week Friday but I didn't. Oh well. Despite my last day approaching they are still giving me more work. Go figure. 
  • Re: What Did You Do With Your Wedding Cash?

    I put it into a Chase bank account and invested it wisely then used it for a down payment on a house! 

    That's the answer you're looking for right? The real answer is sex toys. Lots of sex toys. 
  • Re: PruDay!

    Things are good. I got really busy with work, didn't really have time to post. I'm quitting my job (gave my notice yesterday and my last day is 8/17) and starting a new job on 8/22. I'm really excited about the new job- it will have me out of the house more often. Kids are good- DD is everything people complain and love about toddlers just amplified and DS is 6 and pretty perfect. DH is good (although he's sick currently and driving me insane). That is that. We are pretty boring over here. :)