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  • Re: "Never Speak To Me Or My Son Again" or: How I Yelled At Some Stranger's Kid in Texas

    This whole debate about whether you should expect this kind of thing reminds me of that Family Guy episode where Brian starts peeing on a grocery store floor and Peter says, "Jeez, Brian, where do you think you are, Payless?"
  • Re: "Never Speak To Me Or My Son Again" or: How I Yelled At Some Stranger's Kid in Texas

    Ughhhhhhh I hate that kind of stuff.  If you don't even try to keep your child under control, don't expect me to just sit idly by and not say anything.  (Now, that is not to say that I don't have sympathy for parents whose kids are throwing a tantrum and they can't get him/her to stop).
  • Re: Another leaving a dog discussion

    People's Court isn't actually a court (small claims or otherwise).  It is mediation/arbitration in a room that looks like a courtroom.  The judges aren't judges and are instead attorneys who are mediators/arbitrators.  I assume they don't have the ability to demand specific performance (i.e. the dog) and instead can only assign monetary value to property.
  • Re: When women aren't taken seriously

    OMG @mrsconn23 I just came to this thread to post that twitter story!
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    The guy asked how old I was in the chat room.  I said 12.  BAM - d*ck pic via IM almost immediately (although it took a while for it to creepily download one horizontal bar at a time.  These were the dial up days, of course).  

    ETA - @southernbelle0915 - that is the sad thing.  We all have countless stories and the (man) world seems shocked that this kind of behavior is so prevalent.  It's interesting how many different instances I remembered once I actually started thinking and talking about my past experiences.  That guy who blocked the laundry room door and flashed me in my old apartment and asked me to watch him?  Yeah - forgot about that one until H said he couldn't believe Louis CK's admissions and asked out loud how a man could do that.