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  • Re: What was your most stressful time as a BM?`

    I had quite a few issues with my "best friends" wedding. She didn't ask for budget for our dresses (chose one over $200). She told us she was going to pay for getting our hair and make up done because she was "requiring" it, and then the day of, when we were already at the salon to get our hair done, we found out she wasn't. Not her fault, but her MOH planned her bridal shower/bachelorette party without any input from the rest of us, and then told us how much we owed ($300). She had a shuttle to the hotel where the wedding party and family were staying after the wedding, which was nice, but the rooms were $250 a night. The bride refused to move the pictures and ceremony indoors even though it was raining outside. 

    My husband was also a groomsmen, and they placed an order for the tuxedos with no input about price, and these were $200 to rent. My H was also ASKED to plan the bachelor party "because the best man lives out of town." They replaced a groomsmen because one of the bridesmaids was dating him and broke up with him.

    Everything about their wedding screamed that they were more concerned about their "vision" than their friends and family. They also seemed to want the most expensive of everything, even if it wasn't any better than the cheaper option (my wedding probably cost about half theirs, and was just as nice in my opinion). We easily spent over $1500 on their wedding, and it was local to us. 

    Oh, and after the wedding I found out I was only a bridesmaids because my husband was a groomsman :)

    ETA: After reading other replies also remembered that we had to buy matching tank tops for the bachelorette party/getting ready morning of, and even though H and I were both in the wedding party and sat at the head table, we had to sit at opposite ends of table because OMG PICTURES, GROOMSMEN MUST SIT ON ONE SIDE AND BRIDESMAIDS ON THE OTHER!
  • Re: Want to make sure we greet everyone

    I also hated the idea of table visits. We chose an awesome menu, and I wanted to be able to enjoy it! We did a receiving line going into the reception door (ceremony was at same location outside), and I thought it was great. We had about 150 people, and I don't think it took more than 15-20 minutes. I think most people realize you have a lot of people to get through, and basically just say hi and congratulations. You say thanks for coming, and the whole exchange is over in maybe 20-30 seconds. Most couples/families come up together, and this cuts down on the time even more. Very easy and quick way to make sure you at least get a bit of interaction with every guest. 

    ETA: Pictures from the receiving line were also some of my favorites. They're not posed, everyone looks super happy, and we there were some good pics of us hugging or talking to people we may otherwise have not gotten a picture with. There's a great one we got of my grandmother (who passed away a few months later) and H, with H leaning down to hug her and her smiling up at him with her hand on his cheek. One of my favorite pics from the day!
  • Re: Honoring past love ones

    We had a small line in our ceremony that said something about thinking of those that could not be with us today and how we knew they were there in spirit. I wore a pair of Hs late grandmothers earrings. I think anything much above this is too much. A favorite song, food, or drink is also a good idea, but none of these things should take the focus away from your wedding, and should be just more subtle things for you and your family. 
  • Re: First Dance Song

    If there aren't any obvious choices try not to put too much weight on the song itself. My advice is don't pick anything super long LOL. I felt *so* uncomfortable just dancing with everyone watching us. I wish I had instructed the DJ to just fade it out after the second chorus. Not everyone is like me, but those 4 minutes felt like YEARS and I would have probably skipped it entirely if I had it to do over. 

    First dances are awesome if you are both into it and won't feel weird :smile: I hope you guys find a song you both feel good about!

    So much agree with this. We used With Me by Sum 41 and had it faded out about halfway through the song, after maybe 1:30-2 minutes. We also struggled to pick a first dance song- we first connected over similar music tastes, and really wanted a song that was "our style" but a lot of the songs we first thought of weren't "slow danceable" or the lyrics weren't really appropriate. I agree with picking either a song or a song by a band that means something to you as a couple, or at least a song/band you both like. 
  • Re: So, How's Married Life?

    We have people ask us "How's married life?" all the time, and pretty much feel the same way! We'd been together 5 years when we got married, lived together for about 4.5 of those years, and bought a house together a few months before we got married. We combined our finances when we bought the house, so being homeowners and having our finances together did change things a bit, but we both had always been very open about our finances before this and had lived together long before this, so it wasn't a huge change. Getting married was great and I'm happy we are, but honestly the only things that have changed are my last name and I now call him my husband. Whenever people ask us this, our answer is always "the same as before we were married" haha.