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    My wedding is the 22nd so I am going to send them out at the end of August and have RSVPs due back the 1st week of Oct. My caterer doesn't need numbers until the week before so that will give me 2 weeks for stragglers.
  • Re: Engagement ring etiquette

    FH was given his grandmother's ring to give to me with the understanding that I could use the stone and pick the setting. He had it for months, it drove me crazy, finally he thought he had enough saved up to buy a new setting. We went to the store together and I chose to keep the ring the same. 

    Eta: I picked out my wedding band at that time (his mom had also given him one of her rings to use so those diamonds will be in the band.) He will pick out his band eventually, I will probably go with him.
  • Re: Who or what are you side-eyeing?

    ernursej said:

    I'm side-eyeing a few people at work who cannot wash their own lunch dishes. I'm not sure who they expect to clean up after them, but it is gross and rude.

    I had a job a few years ago that, started off great, and then became soul crushingly demeaning because of a couple individuals.  One of my jobs was to place the monthly coffee order and keep the kitchen/break room relatively.  But general stuff.  Like washing the coffee pots on occasion.

    I'd noticed there was starting to be a bad habit of people leaving their lunch dishes in the sink.  So I sent a friendly reminder to the office to clean up their dishes after using them.  I got called into the office of one of my soul crushing co-workers...who wasn't even my boss, but was higher up than me.  That my e-mail was inappropriate because it was my job to keep the kitchen clean and that included doing people's dishes.

    What the what?  REALLY.  Are you sure this normally skin-flint company wants to pay me $25/hour to wash other employee's dishes?  That they should be washing on their own time at the end of lunch?  I literally asked her that in a polite "could melt butter in my mouth tone, just without using the term "skin-flint".  I could see from her expression she then realized how dumb that sounded but, of course, wouldn't admit to being wrong.  So she doubled down and said that, while people should be washing their own dishes, if they didn't I needed to take care of it.  To be fair, she was not one of the "dirty dish" perpetrators, so it wasn't that.

    But, on a different note, though still office work related.  I am side-eyeing the people who use all the coffee.  Not only don't make a new pot.  But then put the empty glass pot on a hot burner.  This morning I was able to get one cup of regular coffee by using the dregs from two pots.  So, that was two different lazy people and now I'm stuck making two pots.  And it was only 8:30AM.

    I would have cleaned the sink by throwing their shit in the trash. 
  • Re: so someone on the internet wants to do a housewarming gift registry WITHOUT a housewarming party

    Setting up an amazon wishlist and sharing it with FH has saved him hours, maybe minutes, of anguish as he tries to figure out what I want. He gets to surprise me with gifts and I get the car seat covers I forgot I wanted but am so happy to have. 

    Etf word
  • Re: This is making me laugh

    Confession: one of the first things I did when I got engaged was lock down My intent was to use it for vendors but decided against it. Nobody knows that.