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It really gives me a headache when thinking about my marriage. Michael and me were so out of guard when I got pregnant. Thrilled as we are, it gives me a headache when thinking about out budget. We want a beach wedding. Has anyone ever had a beach wedding? How much do you spend on the meals? 


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    Well you have a few options; 1) Limit the number of people you invite so that you keep your food/drink costs down and can properly host everyone with a meal. If you're asking people to travel I do agree you need to serve them a meal, regardless of the ceremony time. 2) Save up until you can afford the type of wedding that you want, even if that means pushing back your wedding date. 3) Have a wedding with just you and your FI on the beach. 

    I know the reality of planning the type of wedding you've always wanted, and having a budget that doesn't permit you do that is hard. But keep in mind what is most important to you, is it being married on a beach? Is it having your friends and family there? Or is it simply being married? None of these choices are wrong, you just have to focus on what is most important to you and your FI.
    You're right. I guess the most important thing is to have my families there. We are expecting a little one and I can see the huge increase of living cost.
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    MandyMost said:MandyMost said:
    OMG. I don't know whether this is just me being nervous about my wedding or anyone feels the same. The bride is your friend, isn't it? Surely our girls should order dress together and party it on. If it does not fit, as a bride-to-be myself, I will be glad to do alterations with my friends. This is why I prefer online shopping, with less price offered, I can have more budget on doing alterations. If a retailer is selling it at really high price without customizing, I don't know why should I buy it.
    The bride went dress shopping with other her other 2 bridesmaids and picked the dress; they ordered them then. I went back with her another day to see the dress, get measured, and order it. I tried on the sample (in the wrong size, wrong color) the day I was there with her. 

    Alterations is really a solo activity. Now that I have the dress, I'll find my own seamstress and have it altered to fit correctly prior to the wedding. 

    The dress was not priced higher than any other dress in my closet; I don't expect the rest of my clothes to be customized by the retailer and don't expect a dress, even a bridesmaids dress, to be customized by the retailer either. 
    Then our case is different. I can understand my BMs are not available at the same time, but I do want them to agree on dresses that they equally like. They are paying for a dress that they'll probably never wear again, and my wedding is the only occasion they gonna wear it on. This is why I want to make sure the dress fit well, and I'm pretty sure they want to look wonderful that day. I am doing the alterations for them because I want to show my consideration. They are there for me, and I'm there for them. 

    We are not models. The dress from a retailer will look more or less weird on us, and I want my BMs to feel happy and comfortable in their dress on my wedding.