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  • Re: Just need to vent about fmil

    You're right! This isn't as direct as I originally thought. I was trying to soften the blow a little, but I guess I need to be more direct. Last night, I wanted to send a message that said some not lady like words with "she's not invited please stop talking about her coming!" Lol
  • Re: where to buy affordable & amazing bridesmaid dresses?

    Be very careful if you order online. Read reviews, look at their return/exchange policies and sizing charts. I'm normally a size 10 or 12 in street clothes my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding this summer is a 16 and I'm getting married in October, my wedding dress is a size 20 so as you can see dresses can vary greatly depending on the company. 
    My sister choose the website, Azazie, for our bridesmaid dresses. As far as I know we haven't had any issues. One of the Bridesmaids ordered sample sizes and I think that helped a lot. It's a small fee but it might be worth it to try on various sizes/styles.
  • Re: No Flat Shoes? No Thanks!

    Is this a joke? LOL! I'd be tempted to do all of these things!
  • Re: Wedding recap! 05/26/2017

    Gorgeous!! Congratulations!! You both look very happy together
  • Re: Guests not bringing gifts/inconsiderate behavior?

    Your post comes off as very selfish and greedy. No one should ever be expected to give a gift to any event. Guests should only be expected to show up in proper attire. 
    People not showing up is rude, however emergencies come up. I'm sure they didn't want to bother you on your day. I can't imagine texting or calling someone on their wedding day to tell them I couldn't go anymore. I'd save that for a different day
    I'd consider changing your username as it suggests it could be last names. You never know friends or acquaintances could be on here and you may offend someone who came to your wedding. If I was a guest and caught wind of this post, gift or not, I'd be disgusted and would probably end our friendship.