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  • Re: Budget allocation questions - catering vs other costs, etc

    I think it depends on were you are having your wedding. Our total wedding budget is $12,000 and we are able to have everything you have mentioned. For our caterer we went with a more expensive one in our area but we love their food. We balanced it out with getting a local printer to print invites we found on etsy, doing beer and wine only. We found a local organic farm that also does flowers for wedding and worked with her to do in season flowers for a price we were comfortable with but only for table centerpieces and bridal bouquets. For music we found a fun wedding band and a friend of a friend to play for our ceremony ( a little more expensive then DJs in our area but my FI wants a band and we were able to find room in the budget for it). I found a lot of our decorations through Facebook resale to cut cost. To cut down on the price for the photographer we decided to do only 6hrs of shooting time instead of 10hrs. We went with someone who we liked their photos and would give us rights to the photos. I didn't really care if there were extras like photo books and such. I found that they added a lot more to the price of the photographer for something I could create myself for a lot less money. I contacted a lot of photographers to get an idea of price and options before choosing the one we did. 

    I agree with @linixon8 we told the caterer we wanted to spend $20 a person on the food and what could they do for us. For other costs I made spreadsheets with all the different vendors and what they offered and cost. My best advice would be to shop around and compare different companies to find the best deal for what they are offering.
  • Re: Mother of Bride Dress??

    My mom and I went to a lot of different department stores (most of the ones already mentioned) and a few local boutique shops until she found one she liked. The first time we went MOB dress shopping my FMIL came with us because she want to match the formality of what my mom is wearing. We made a fun day of shopping and lunch in St. Louis. 
  • Re: Friend being deployed. Should I still send invitation?

    @KahluaKoala this is what we did for a close friend of mine that is stationed overseas. I know she won't be able to make it back stateside because she gets very little time off and is saving it for around the holidays but I still want her to know that we are thinking of her and would love for her to be there if she could.
  • Re: Please scilence your cell phones

    Thank you all for your input. I just wasn't really about the idea of an announcement, having never seen it done. @southernbelle0915 thanks for the example wording. The quick announcement before the start seems to be the way to go.
  • Re: Best Continental US Destination?

    Virginia would be another great place were you could link into the Blue Ridge parkway. Chincoteague is an island on the coast that is home to wild horse and is beautiful. Michigan would be another cool place that would have lots of water locations. If you want to stay away from hotels and such airbnb or would allow you to rent a house or condo. I've found good deals through both places. I also love South Carolina. Charleston is beautiful and you have access to the ocean along with the city.