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    I got to the weird side of TK.....
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    Do you like your muffin buttered? 
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    @jenna8984 I don't know you either, but I know @cocobellaf and none of this is new. She's a typical hypochondriac and I'm sure before the days of google, she would handle everything a lot better, but this is just consistent with her. Everyone deals with morning sickness, placenta location, Braxton Hicks, etc and come out the other end fine. Some of this stuff she just takes to a whole new level.

    Also if I recall correctly, she was on bed rest, yet has been moving around a lot more than she should, so there's that. 

    I'm not going to play the pain/tragedy olympics or whatever, but I'm a high risk pregnancy too and I hardly complain. I also don't trust Dr. Google either, so there's that. If I have a question, I email my OB. 
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    @labro hey there! Missed hanging out on here too, stupid work getting in the way!
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    @cocobellaf I have lurked on here for months, and it seems to me you cannot handle being pregnant at. all. Pregnancy it tough and there are people on this board who would LOVE to be in your shoes. For a hot sec, I thought I stumbled onto The Bump....

    Anyway, I'm not a doctor but if I was, I'd give you a steroid shot for lung development and schedule a C-section this weekend. Pregnancy is not for everyone and when your doctor is telling you she's digging at the bottom of the barrel for medication, she's kind of over it.

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