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    1) How many people invited? (or attended)?
    We're inviting 168, hoping for less than 150 to attend (space reasons, budget would be okay either way).

    2) where was your dancefloor?

    Still debating this - my Mom insists on the patio with a tent would be fine, but I'm worried about the uneven ground out there.  So I'm leaning towards having the dance floor in the room furthest away from the office and putting the food stations out under the tent... or some seating out under the tent and food stations in the room closest to the office.  It's still a work in progress!

    3) caterer?
    Emily's Catering.  Seriously my favorite vendor.  Our food is amaaaaaazing!

    4) Tent rental company - which size tent?
    30x30 by Connecticut Rental.  We're paying around $3000 for the tent and gold Chivari chairs and a few other small things.  They offer ones that go over the edge of the patio, and some that are inside.  My favorite tents were by Sperry's, but they're MUCH more expensive!

    5) ceremony on site or off?
    On site, on the lawn.  It doesn't cost anything extra, and it's an absolutely beautiful view!

    6) Chairs used?
    Connecticut Rental's gold chivari chairs.  I got a few estimates and negotiated them against each other so I could get my tent and chairs from the same vendor for simplicity sake.

    7) How many tables in each rooms: Main, East (office) West (veranda)?
    There are 2 different sized tables - a few 7' tables and a bunch of 6' tables.  We plan to do a rectangular table by the main fireplace for bride & groom and our siblings (rather than a head table).  We think we can fit about 8 in the main room, and depending on our layout, the rest would either go in the room by the office or out on the patio.
  • Re: Buffet vs. Food Stations vs. Plated

    I'm a big fan of anything as long as it is done well.  I agree if you're having an extremely formal wedding, black tie optional or such, then plated might be the best way to go.  But you should have a quality of food fitting the formality - if I dressed up like whoa and my guy had rented a tux for the wedding, we better not be getting lukewarm chewy chicken and two overcooked carrots and a scoop of instant mashed potatoes on our plates.  A plated meal isn't "formal" simply by the fact that it's served to you - crap food is crap food, and good food is good food (whether you have to carry it or not).

    I personally like trying lots of things, and like others find that it's easier to be able to pick what I like and skip what I don't.  This also makes it easier to keep track of - with stations or buffet, you don't have to get guests' orders ahead of time and keep track of it with the caterer.  And you don't have to worry about people having special dietary needs - just be sure to offer several different dishes, and everyone will be able to find something they like!  We're going to make sure we have options that are vegan, gluten-free, Paleo (my FI follows this diet), low-sodium, etc., plus a selection of seafood, chicken, and meat so everyone can have what they like/can eat!