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    I think it’s gorgous! It’s classic and sophisticated, and definitely not boring. What accessories are you thinking? That can totally change the look and feel of a dress. 
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    @charlotte989875, sorry to hear the "good house" was already under contract and all the others were no-go's.  Never say never, but I'm rarely interested in properties that have a location problem, like being too close to a freeway or train track.  Properties like that will always be harder to sell and will sell for lower comps, when that time comes. 

    That is exactly what our agent said, too. It was hard because it was a great house that reminded me a lot of our house in Toledo that I loved. But it would be hard to resell and we don't know if we're looking for our "forever house" or 5-10 year house. 
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    That sucks @Jen4948, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time lately. Social media, while there are a lot of good things, is often more trouble than it's worth. I've significantly decreased my time on Facebook lately and I'm happier for it. 
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    So glad to see you @ShesSoCold, how are things??
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    Happy Friday!
    Wow - that's some drama! 

    Today I am wrapping up a deadline. Tomorrow we are going to my parents' house for what my mom is calling "Fake Thanksgiving." Back in November when we were hosting, my mom bought a turkey for some bizarre reason even though we were hosting and my husband had bought one because he was cooking. Anywho, she put it in her deep freezer and decided she wanted to host a Fake Thanksgiving with all the trimmings tomorrow. So we are loading up the car with Babypants, and a couple of my cousins who go to BC are also going to spend Fake Thanksgiving with us. It's super silly and I am actually looking forward to it. 

    Sunday and Monday who knows what's on tap. H & I have the day off since Babypants' school is closed for Presidents' Day. So we will do a family day. We are supposed to get snow at some point too. 
    So weird but H's mom emailed earlier this week saying she "found" a turkey in the freezer and wanted to do a big dinner on Sunday.