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  • Re: Scary climate change reports means big changes for us

    Yeah, at first I thought Detroit didn't have a chance, and then the proposal was released to the public and I was impressed and hopeful.  I'm disappointed, but still not surprised.  A few years ago, there was a tri-county bid to improve our public transit, and one county (that also voted for Trump) voted it down, and Amazon is likely a casualty from that.

    But what other city offered a two-country deal?  Nonezos.  That's who.
    Buffalo ;) 

    But just kidding because I think ours was actually Buffalo-Rochester. But we're a border city, too. 
  • Re: Leave them alone. You're a nightmare.

    *Barbie* said:
    there's also a chance that the couple does want kids and have fertility issues, which they don't want to discuss with MIL (cause it;s none of her business). 

    the son needs to step in and give his mom a "ho sit down" card. "i'm not sure why you're so interested in your son's sex life, but you need to cut it out. every time you mention grand kids, we're adding a year before we start trying."

    I have a good friend that probably could have written this. hopefully her MIL isn't like LW, but she and her H both have high profile jobs (her more so).  she's not 100% sold on kids to begin with, but work life balance would be a big thing for her, and she sure as all hell didn't get an MD  PhD and work hard for years to get a high profile industry job to drop it to be a SAHM. She was awkward with Wolverine, and our kid is fairly easy going. It was actually really funny from my standpoint - we were eating dinner at a restaurant, not having her babysit or anything. She wouldn't be happy at all. (Not to mention I really couldn't see her H as a father - i feel like he'd be all, "men don't do that" so the kid would be largely raised by my friend and a nanny)
    This is me. I don't know if I want kids; some days I think maybe I do, some days definitely not. I just switched jobs, too. So did H. I make more money, but I've also always had a "better" job and career trajectory than him. My work is important to me. It always has been. And I don't know that I want to change my life for a child. That doesn't make me unhappy, or a bad person. 

    Thank gods my MIL and mother don't hound me like this. If they did I really can't say how I'd handle it, but I know we wouldn't be spending as much time with them. 
  • Re: Leave them alone. You're a nightmare.

    Friend of mine doesn't want kids. I asked her what she wanted to do {not in a "why don't you want kids!?" kinda way for reference} and she would rather have dogs and open her own salon. She said that kids didn't fall into that plan for her.
    I get what you're saying, but I think even the "what do you want to do" sort of implies she has to do something rather than having kids. As in just living life the way she wants to isn't enough. I'm not saying that's how you meant it, but the default still seems to be having kids and if you don't do then there must be Reasons. 
  • Re: Why not take each situation as it comes?

    Case by case, depending on how far from the airport they live and what time the flights arrive. 

    My H would avoid riding with other people at all cost, and to that end never tells people when we're planning on arriving so that we can just get there on our own. 
  • Re: Prudie Day (I think; is it Thursday?)!!

    How's the campaign announcement and roll out going @kimmiinthemitten? #MrMittenforMichigan