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  • Re: 90 Day Fiancé *spoiler alert*

    It has definitely been an interesting season so far.

    Nicole and Azan might find their answers if he does come to the US and see what his life will be like. I think she really should respect his culture while there. She never should have made Azan ask his aunt for them to share a room. He has known how she looked physically since the beginning. His belittling to try to change her is appalling.

    Evelyn and David - she has been selfish since the beginning. She totally ignored him when he tried to ask for help to host his family. Hope they enjoy there cake just for the bride and groom. She says she has seen it done “all of the time”.

    Molly and Luis. I really think she is a sweet lady and he does love her but his new life is way different than he thought it would be. She did try to push him to bond with her kids by himself while she was gone all day. Maybe that could have been planned better.

    David and Annie - Run Annie, run fast!

    Josh and Aika -I haven’t figured that shit show out yet.
  • Re: Wedding costs: 1974 vs. 2017

    I would love to see this charted over the years and see if there was a particular time when prices started to spike. 
  • Re: MOH still doesn't have her dress...

    That’s wonderful. Looking forward to the pictures.
  • Re: MOH still doesn't have her dress...

    I hope everything worked out
  • 17 years ago today...

    This time 17 years ago I was getting my hair done for our wedding. My brother was at my apartment dressing my dog in a tux, my mom was at the hotel having breakfast with the 35 guests from Ireland, my soon to be husband was wearing a path in the carpet of his hotel room from pacing and I was happier than I had ever been. I am looking forward to the next 17 years with this amazing man.