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  • Re: Spinoff: wedding etiquette fails in movies/TV shows

    In The Princess and the Frog, they got married as frogs, which then turned them human again.  But after that, they "got married" again with all their family, if memory serves.
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    I hate how our society made "virginity" a thing and then such a big deal.  I think that in the long term, it can be very harmful to the people who were taught that that is what they need to be.  My parents never said much but I was raised in the LDS church and given a CTR ring (it is in the shape of a shield and the letters stand for Choose The Right, I believe).  I remember thinking I wanted to wait until marriage, back when I still thought I believed in the whole religion and wasn't even allowing myself to process my attraction to girls.  I was a child and, in my opinion, should not have been taught these things as facts, by the people I trusted.  Also, if a girl is sexually abused, does that make her "unpure"?  Sorrynotsorry, but fuck that.  Like the student Elizabeth Smart speaking out about what abstinence-only "education" teaches kids, that if they have sex they are like "a chewed-up piece of gum" and how badly that messed with her head after her sexual assault.  Someone wrote an article about the whole "no sex until marriage" thing and I think she put everything better than I can:
    Yes, the father-daughter thing takes it to a whole new level of grossness and that she felt the need to "prove" it, while men can't/don't have to just makes my blood boil.
    Also, regarding if "virginity pledges" have any effect, I remember reading quite a few statistics that say it does jack shit.  Teenage pregnancy rates, the amount of the population with STIs, etc. are all the same if not more, because they are not taught how to protect themselves.  
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    Congrats! You were a beautiful bride.
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    Yay, they look amazing! I love your outfit.
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    Here are my beautiful girls, Cali and Maggie.