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  • Re: Cancel and elope? Help!

    I think it's really nice of your mom to offer to pay. You can still have a fun, informal wedding at a venue, and there are plenty of ways to make it personal to you and your FI. 

    I recommend that you accept your mom's assistance, let everyone know the wedding's been postponed, and plan something at a venue for a bit later in the year. Find a caterer that can do the kind of food you intended to have at your backyard wedding, or something similar. There's no rule saying that food at a wedding has to be fancy. 

    Your family and friends will contribute to your wedding day simply by being there. With your original plan, they would've been busy the entire time and wouldn't been able to have much fun for spend much time with you. Find another place to have a fun and informal wedding, but let the professionals handle things from here on out so your loved ones can enjoy themselves too.
  • Re: Are we properly hosting out wedding? Kind of a destination wedding, on a budget

    All sounds good. It is better to have an open bar with only a few drinks available than to have a cash bar with everything available.
  • Re: He's not going to change, so maybe you should make good on the promise to leave?

    Wonderful dudes don't constantly gaslight their partners. 

    Maybe she needs to see the actual movie Gaslight and see where that kind of behavior ends up.
  • Re: When is it okay to not send and invite when a STD has been sent.

    I'd say this qualifies as a rare exception, at least as far as your boss goes - not because she will no longer be your boss, but because she fired you. This is, presumably, someone with whom your relationship is now at an end, and it didn't end well. As far as coworkers go, you may want to take that on a case by case basis, depending on how close you are to any of them beyond work, and whether you want or expect to remain friends with them. 

    I say that if something happens between sending out STD's and sending out invites that completely breaks a relationship and there is no chance of fixing it, then it's okay not to send an invitation. However, it has to be something very serious, and you have to be certain that you no longer want the person in your life. I think this qualifies. 

  • Re: Sub Zero Outdoor Pics - Help!

    banana468 said:
    Can you presernt her with facts?   Tell her about the risks involved at the predicted temperatures and then offer to brainstorm interior shot ideas.

    I would be blunt: no amount of love for a friend would have me outside in near zero temps without the  appropriate clothing.  If she's not giving all down coats and mittens you'll meet her inside.
    I have to agree with this.  Your friend chose to have a winter wedding, and to me, that means either allowing everyone to wear something that will protect them from the cold in outdoor pics, or not taking outdoor pics at all. You should not have to put your health and safety at risk for her wedding photos. There are certain things that people have to grin and bear because it's somebody else's wedding day, but something that could make you seriously ill doesn't qualify.