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  • Re: How to mark invitations as sent on the Guest List Manager

    On the drop-down menu at the top, click on the arrow next to "All Our Wedding Guests" and then click on "Invitations Not Sent". It'll show you a list with the option to choose "Sent" or "Not Sent".
  • Re: TGIW

    @Heffalump definitely do a Duck Tour. I'm jealous. I loved London.

    I'm over this week already. I get to meet my newest niece next week (exactly a week from today). She's a 10 hour drive away, so I haven't gotten to see her since she was born last month. So excited for 5 days of doing nothing but snuggling a baby.
  • Re: Tuesday!

    Needed a new prescription for birth control so I went to a Planned Parenthood (first time using them) and it was the best lady doctor appointment I've had. Super respectful, answered all my questions about switching birth control, and didn't feel rushed or hurried. They weren't pushy about service she I didn't want or need. Anyway, big fan. 

    Other than that working, running group tonight. Oh and it's still raining in Ohio. 
    Planned Parenthood is amazing and its haters make me ragey.

    It's been a rough couple of weeks at the glitter household. H's depression is getting better, but it was rough for a while. Hopefully he'll make a decision to leave his job and find something that makes him happier.

    Terrible work partner is still here and I want him gone so badly. It's to the point where if he's still around when my contract is up in August, I'll think about leaving. And I love this place.
  • Re: The entourage dress shopping experience?

    I knew I wanted my BFF there. Then both my sisters and my mother asked if they could come. I didn't want an entourage either, but I also didn't want to hurt anyone by saying no. 

    I went once for sort of a "scouting" trip since I didn't really know what I wanted. I took my mom and one sister. I narrowed it down at that appointment to two dresses. Two weeks later I went back to make a final decision and took BFF and other sister.
  • Re: Monday!

    drglitter said:
    Weekend wasn't great.

    H is depressed and I don't know how to help him, and he doesn't know how to tell me how to help him. So I hug him a lot and tell him I love him about every 5 seconds.

    I think he needs to quit his job and find one he actually likes. That obviously won't cure his chronic depression, but, I think it triggered this dive into a deep dark hole I've never seen before.
    You and I had the same weekend for the same exact reasons. Except this morning it came to head when H told me he's quitting his job and he's going to drive a truck. He's currently researching driving schools. I feel...things.
    At least it's a plan, I guess? Hugs.