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  • Re: Are we properly hosting out wedding? Kind of a destination wedding, on a budget

    I think you are doing a great job. I had my wedding on a weekday which was better for our families and friends. Even those that work 9-5 still told us that they preferred the weekday wedding as it didn’t screw up a weekend for them. The majority of our guest list was from in town so may be different for you with majority of people from out of town. 

    Enjoy your wedding!
  • Re: Is this a Good BM Gift?

    I agree with PPs suggestions. I especially agree with @Jen4948 in giving them their gift privately to decrease any rude responses about equality. 

    I’m not a frame person so that gift would be wasted on me but you know your friends better. I honestly loved that I once received a gift card to Chapters as my friend knew I loved to read. You are on point with a handwritten note. I’ve photographed the notes I received to ensure that I always have the messages to view on my hard drive. 
  • Re: Texas outdoor wedding in June

    I'm from the Texas gulf coast, so hot and humid to the max.

    I've been to a few weddings in the evening, even at sunset, but they all had receptions inside. The ceremony outside was okay, especially if fans were going or hand-fans were provided or some other thing like that (e.g. bug spray/wipes, cool water/drinks, etc). If your ceremony is short, it'll be fine in my opinion. If most of your guests are from Texas, they will be okay lol. If you have a lot of guests from somewhere else, maybe reconsider? But ultimately, I wouldn't worry about it as it is your decision.

    Reception outside is another story. I think it'd be too hot for too long and generally unpleasant, even for you (think of the heavy wedding dress and how much more you'd be sweating than normal).
    That is not great advice to say “not to worry as ultimately your decision”. As soon as you invite guests, you have to think of their comfort. 

    Awesome! Change your name so that your fellow knotties can get to know you. 
  • Re: So, no Prudie letters yet...but this caught my eye.

    I don’t have any problem with sites being blocked but then the hosts can’t be upset that people don’t want to play in the sandbox. To me, this is similar to saying no personal pictures at a wedding ceremony. Let adults be adults and determine their own internet usage.