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    This is actually what we did! My dad built the boxes and we painted them white. We planted half with white roses to signify Leeds (where H is from) and the other half in heathers from Scotland, but daisys sound lovely! At the end of the night we told anyone who wanted one to take it home with them, only a few took us up on it and we have all the rest in the garden now. I was really pleased with them, so I don't think your idea is ridiculous at all! Are you growing them and then replanting in your boxes?
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    Thanks for at least one nice comment!! I may not have been completely correct in everything that I said in my previous messages but I am definitely not trying to be rude towards my family and friends.. nor do I want to only receive gifts from them! I want them to feel involved with our wedding and to celebrate our marriage. My friends and family would want to see us having our first dance together. Fuck tradition!!!! God they would never think they weren't only invited because we wanted their money. I think you all need to lighten up a little! Good bye the Knot! 
    Sure, your friends and family won't be bothered about the fact that they won't see you actually get married. It's the first dance they'll all miss! Everyone knows the first dance is the part no one will get over missing......

    I bet you dollars to donuts the reason this will save OP money is because it won't be properly hosted. Because that's traditional, guys. 
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    Why not nix the shot idea and just use the money you save from that to have the open bar if offering a wider choice is so important to you? PP's have said, and my own experience mirrors theirs, that most people are drinking the wine and beer anyway. A lot of people won't even want the shot. Putting wine on the table means most people will just drink the easiest available option. You're making this harder than it needs to be.
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    @KahluaKoala I really can't wait, it looks so beautiful. I've never properly been to a ski resort before so I am very excited about that part! 

    I just booked flights and think we're going to tweak the plan slightly. We will stay in Tahoe for a few, then pick up a car and drive to San Francisco. We'll spend a couple of days there, a couple of days in Napa drinking @climbingwife someone from work advised me to do the same, she raved about it so wine country is a definite! After Napa we think we might jump back in the car and drive over to Vegas through Yosemite and Death Valley. Take the real scenic route and take in some of the amazing national parks before a bit of partying in Vegas. So in the end it's not a totally californian adventure. I'm so excited!
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    Other than the skiing in Tahoe we don't really have any concrete plans so we're open to whatever. I'm really leaning towards San Fran, I'm not even sure why but I feel like it might be to do with seeing the cool trams in Mrs Doubtfire  :D

    Ooh I could be persuaded to venture to Napa for lots of wine I'll have to look into that! Did you stay in napa for a time or stay based in SF and drive out to the wineries @climbingwife ?

    I've been to Disney in Florida a while back, and TBH that's enough for me! @InLoveInQueens