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  • Re: Paypal on website.. tacky BUT i need help

    It's super easy to send an Amazon GC via email.   Register at Amazon to encourage people to do this.  

    You already know that everyone here thinks it's super tacky (your words) to do what you're suggesting, so I won't go there.
  • Re: Where is a good place to buy kippahs?

    We are ordering from  I think it is where my mom got kippot for the three bar/bat mitzvahs in our family.  Satin kippot with personalization are $15/dozen.  I think there is a 5 dozen minimum, and it's free shipping on orders over $150.  I ordered them a few days ago, actually...I'd like to get anything I can out of the way!
  • Re: Can we ask guests to give us money for accommodations?

    In Response to Re: Can we ask guests to give us money for accommodations?:
    Thanks for the feedback everyone. The camp actually has a system set up where guests can directly pay the camp to rent a cabin, and then the money gets reimbursed back to us. It might seem sneaky, but no one has to know that the cabins were already paid for. It seems like folks disagree with me on this one, but I don't really see the big deal. If people don't want to stay in the cabins then they don't have to. And if they choose to do so, they are getting a great deal that's considerably cheaper than any other lodging!
    Posted by acanon526
    I actually think that these additional details make it ok.  The part I'm not comfortable with would be you asking and taking money directly from your guests, but if the camp is handling that, that's no longer a problem.  

    However, if you cannot afford the venue if no one stays there, you should not use this venue.  
  • Re: Building the Ice Cream Sundae Bar

    Is this your only dessert?  I would suggest having some brownie bites and small cookies so people can make brownie sundaes.  Are you going to have staff portion out the ice cream?  I think that would be best since people will be all dressed up.  I would add hot fudge and butterscotch, and some cut up fruits (definitely berries) and chocolate chips. 
  • Re: Donation Jar at bar?

    You're not a charity and your wedding is not a fundraiser.  Don't ask for donations.