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    You definitely need to take it step by step. Last year, I lost 20 pound in 8 weeks. I know that's not much, but my body shape totally changed since then. Before, I was an apple shape, you know, fat butt and everything. While thereafter, I got "charming waist-butt proportion"(in my fiance's words). Here's what I did:

    a. Set a goal. Probably starts from 1 pond/w.
    b. Veg only for dinner. 
    c. exercise 0.5 hr/d. My suggestion would be aerobics (youtube, I start with TRAIN LIKE AN ANGLE) for 20 minutes. After your body gets warm, see how much you can take. If more, add 10 mins pilates, as this keeps your heart beat at a certain rate, which is good to dissolve fat; if not, go for yoga(I'd take 2mins plank as a transfer).
    d. Drink less and no snacks.

    After you lost 1p, trust me, it'll be easier than you thought. Your confidence would be boosted and you will be ready for the next level. BUT DON'T PUSH YOURSELF.

    a. Upgrade the goal to 2p/w.(the first goal will take less than a week, but continue from there, don't take a rest)
    b. Exercise 1hr/d. As always, aerobics first, pilates or anything that would increase your heart rate(go to youtube), and yoga the last. This is because yoga can help you to lower down the heart beat and make you easy to fit it morning work or night sleep.
    c. More veg in lunch, an apple for dinner with a little milk, lots of water and no chips.

    After you reach this goal, you can prepare yourself for the next level. You get my idea, step by step. All you need to do is to never push yourself and make it hard to continue. Body shaping is a long process, but you can really see the change afterwards, it totally worth it.

    Ah, some tips:
    a. After a month or so of random exercise, go for particular parts of your body. Mix and match. Thigh for Monday, arms Tuesday, waist Wednesday and running or jogging for Thursday. This is to avoid straining your muscles. 
    b. Never, never give up after you start. There might be some plateau periods and it's really frustrating. While, my secret is to fantasize myself in a red, hot, bloody sexy dress, *****u know ;)
    c. No chips! Absolutely not! My dad's half British, so you know my hard times. Fish is OK, but definitely no chips. Not a single bite! Don't even think about it! JUST NO!
    d. A nice, balanced, tempting breakfast is essential. This keeps your daily metabolic rate at a high level. You'll be amazed how important it is.

    I changed my body shape, and I know how that've changed my life. I mean, don't take body shaping as a one-time-only thing. You're not a beautiful bride for just one day, you are an gorgeous lady everyday.