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  • Re: Parents Treating Invitations Like Oprah Treats Gifts -- Everybody Gets One!

    You are all beautiful, wonderful, helpful people! In reality, though, the damage really is done and I need to just let it go now. To clarify a couple of things -- my parents offered to assist with the wedding to the tune of 5 jelly beans. We realized that "dream wedding" would be more like 7 jelly beans, so FI and I decided to cover the difference. We also determined that my parents' contribution would be best towards venue, which provides catering, bar, linens, tables, chairs, and the band. We also figured out that their jelly beans equate to 200 people. Before this mishap, we were at 199. We're only at about 60% of the venue's capacity, so no biggie there. This is about money capacity, but it's their money, so what are a couple of extra people, I guess. As for tge details of our expenses, the bulk order of favors had a few too many pieces, and I ordered a few extra invitations. The wedding is in one of those charming Southern cities that does it cocktail style, so the tables and chairs are a set amount that will already be too few, and food is buffet style. She said they always wanted to attend a "magical southern wedding" -- I guess having nowhere to sit and standing in line for food is some unicorn and wizard shit to some folks.

    I did call my parents after getting this woman's message to ask what on earth she was talking about and to let them know that I was shocked at her rudeness. My mother has decided, for reasons that elude me, that this couple will be her cross to die on. I finally responded to the woman and said, "we'd be delighted to have you -- please send me your address." End scene.

    The really fun thing I will leave all of you with is this -- FI and I were talking about it all last night and he suggested that since there is a big event in town the day after our wedding, the couple may not be able to find a reasonably priced hotel and might back out. I looked at our room block report to see how many spots were left on it, and, lo and behold, there was rude woman's name on the top of the list. Why even bother asking my permission when you've already booked a room? Ah, the joys of planning a wedding!