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  • Re: I'd probably never invite her again.

    I have zero qualms telling toddlers not to touch things in my home! Hot wax?!? “Stop that!” And then take it away!

    This was my reaction exactly. Even if it isn't my child, this would be my automatic reaction, followed by checking for burns.  How is it okay to let your kid go around sticking their hands in hot wax repeatedly (at least I'm assuming it wasn't a one off thing if there is wax smeared everywhere)?

  • Re: Another leaving a dog discussion

    I don't know if you were thinking of me, @lovesclimbing - I had a cat for a year that the owner kept putting off picking up (and then it turns out plans to be gone for another two years).  Sometimes I wonder how the cat is doing ... I never found out who was tasked with watching the cat.

    I left my rabbits with my parents for two years when I went to school overseas. In truth, I felt bad about it (and missed them like crazy and wished I could have taken them with me), but my parents missed me less because they had my rabbits, so they preferred to have the rabbits.  And the rabbits preferred not to be uprooted for only two years ...

  • Re: Is this a hill to die on?

    This LW would absolutely hate me. I've been known to respond to texts a day or two later. Sometimes I let me phone die and just forget to charge it. Some people just aren't phone people ...
  • Re: Be supportive to your brother and niece, but stay out of it.

    I am genuinely curious - you can stay overnight at the gym? How? And more importantly, why? I applaud people who have that much commitment that gyms have to stay open for overnighters, but there is this thing called sleep that I love far more than being as fit as possible.

    Just a hunch, but I sense this SIL didn't actually want to have kids. Regardless, this is some extremely bad parenting and spousing(not a real word, but you get the gist). Even if she doesn't like having kids, she's got them now so should love them as much as she possibly can and make them her priority.

  • Re: Jean is a dick

    Adults who want gifts from other adults besides their SO baffle me.
    Why? Lots of us like gifts! My best friend and I exchange them because we love each other and know each other’s tastes really well. 

    Also, like horrid Jean’s sister, not all adults have SOs and yet still enjoying giving and receiving things is totally normal. 

    I'm sort of with not giving gifts for adults, but that's more for Christmas or even birthdays specifically. I'm fine with not getting or giving gifts for birthdays or Christmas, but if I see something throughout the year in a store that I know someone will like, I'll give it. It's just not really a gift (I don't wrap or anything) - more of a "I saw this and thought of you".

    edited for clarity ...