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  • MOH's 10th anniversary 2 days before my wedding - need ideas

    My best friend, who is my MOH, will be bringing her mother, husband, and three very young kids to Indiana from Utah for my wedding.  They will be in town during their 10th wedding anniversary, and I know they have been trying to figure out for some time what they would do for this particular anniversary.  Although I know she is over the moon excited about bringing the whole family, I still feel like she will be sacrificing her anniversary plans, even if in reality that might not be true.  Her mother is custom making my wedding dress, and her kids will also be in the wedding - the whole family is so very special to me!

    Here's where I need help - I want to do something very nice for my best friend and her husband.  At the wedding, I will make a special toast to them.  We are not having dancing beyond the first dance, father/daughter, and mother/son, so I was thinking about having a dance additionally for anniversaries of that month, since we will have my best friend's and my grandparents' anniversaries within a few days of the wedding.  I think that is probably good for what I can do during the wedding, but what ideas for otherwise?  Our budget isn't huge, but I thought about paying for a night in a very nice hotel and watching the kids.  I also thought about putting together some wonderful food (cooking is a favorite pastime of ours) and serving it to them at my place.

    Does anyone have any other ideas of something special I could do for them?