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    All they need is a big ol bowl of grass and leaves hillbilly bajingo wash

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    I put it in my chickens waterer to keep algae from growing. It's also a natural way to keep them from getting some common chicken ailments (apparently, I don't know but it works for the algae anyway). That's the only legit purpose I have found for it LOL

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  • Re: Cheapest Weddings - Netflix

    justsie said:
    I'm intrigued and may watch it, lol. I just hate how people don't realize that cheap does not mean defrayed costs. Everything costs money!

    Cheap-- catering pasta and fried chicken instead of filet mignon.
    Being an asshole-- couple doesn't pay for food and instead asks for potluck. 
    Yeah this show should be called "Being an asshole at your wedding"
    Or "It's YOUR DAY!  Do what you like"
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    As a new mom, I'll say for other new-moms-to-be (hi, @MissKittyDanger ) that there are so many questions you need to ask when you take a hospital tour. Based on answers, you may choose a different hospital (or birthing center!) than originally intended. Ask about the nursery. Mine allowed nursery from 11pm to 6am because yes, they want to encourage bonding, but they recognized that mamas need sleep. I was still awoken every 2 hours to feed my baby, but at least I could sleep. I was so attuned to the baby breathing and crying that there's no way I could sleep with her next to me, even if she was asleep. That nursery is critical to your physical and mental well-being, "baby bonding" be damned. You'll bond, trust us!
    Re- formula. Ask what happens if formula is needed. My hospital said they've got it if needed; some hospitals will only give it upon prescription from a doctor (or lactation person as someone else said). In my humble opinion, you shouldn't need the prescription- if you're struggling to feed, get some damn food in the kid, sheesh. As it turned out, DD lost 11% of her birthweight before check-out so the rounding pediatrician actually told us to supplement. I have a great nursing relationship with DD now but she still occasionally gets formula for either convenience or if she exhausts her pumped milk at daycare. AND-- we use Aldi's brand formula. Kids are formula is kind of a crapshoot; I think I'm lucky that DD can and will drink anything. Not all kids like or are able to digest all formula, so you just do trial-and-error. 

    I also avoid Wal-Mart mainly due to their effect on small businesses. I also just don't like the look of the stores. Target all the way. 

    I'm due May 1st, but because I live rurally the closest hospital that can deliver my baby is an hour away. There's only the one, LOL, no options, so I guess I will take what I can get :smile:

    This is my 3rd at least, so I already know what to expect (both my others stayed in my room, I couldn't handle the idea of them being in a nursery, even for a few hours). It's a lovely option to have though. I haven't done my tour yet (the brand new L&D ward won't be open until April anyway) but I look forward to it. 
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    Good Morning!

    I hear ya on the laundry, @mrsconn23 as we have a mountain of it in our spare room currently LOL

    I haven't been around for a while, because life has just been waaaaaaay out of hand. New job, H still off work due to his injury (if his crappy company can't figure out something for him to do, he will be off until mid-February) and a laundry list of other things. 

    The pregnancy is going well at least!  16 weeks along now, and we got to hear the heartbeat at the midwife yesterday. That was wonderful. 

    I hope everyone is doing well!