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    Happy Valentines Day Ladies!

    SO I ordered the cards Thursday of last week (and haven't been on here in the last few days) They say:

    The wedding of 
    OP and FH
    will not take place as planned

    (in smaller font)
    OP & FH remain committed to each other and are thankful for your love and support during this time.

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    I found some really nice cards on VistaPrint. On one side I have the wording @CMGragain suggested and the other side is blank. The thing is my mother has apparently been telling people that FH & I made the decision to postpone, which has led friends/family to believe that we have separated.

    Is there some sentiment I could put on the card like: "the couple Thanks You for your continued love & support" something to make it clear that we are in fact still together?
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    Also I wouldn't actually send those cards, (I did find some nice ones on vistaprint) but this whole thing has been so devastating that I really do feel like I have to joke about it once in a while.
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    So I was looking online for nice, reasonably priced cards to send (I think I'll just wind up creating my own on vistaprint)...and found these. I couldn't help but laugh:
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    @scribe95 yes FI & I share an apartment in VT. When we moved up here FI hadn't finished his degree yet, and his college is close to Hartford, FI's parents live closer to school. So for example at the end of last year on Wednesday night he would work 11-7 in VT, leave work, drive most of the way to Hartford, pull over at a rest stop to take a nap, finish his drive to make it in time for Spanish class 11am-2pm, then scoot back to his parents house to sleep off being basically awake for 24 hours. He usually wouldn't wake up until mid-day Thursday or early Thursday evening. Then he would drive back to VT to work 11-7 again, come home to our apartment (10 miles from work) and sleep as much as he could, get some schoolwork done etc...then back to work 7-7 Friday night, sleep Saturday most of the day, work Saturday 7-7, then he would have Sunday, Monday & Tuesday off. So he was spending time at his parents house, and I guess you could say he was "living" there part-time, but he and I have been maintaining/sharing the bills for the same apartment together for just over two years now.