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  • Re: Happy Wednesday

    Ugh, @sparklepants41. I hope you feel better! The fatigue and joint pain is the worst. 

    Lol @ Max. 

    I have an inpossible amount of things to do today before noon. And then school later which I’m terrified to attend. I have to do my first pap on a live model and I’m not feeling overly confident in my abilities. I really hope they keep the same equipment we originally learned with because I bought some of the variation equipment to practice with and it is way more involved. Paps aren’t exactly rocket science, but I feel like everything I know is going to leave my brain when the fake patient is in front of me. I’m sure I’ll laugh about this in the future when I’ve done a million times. 
  • Re: Charlotte and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

    Ugh. I’m sorry. I think a lemon juice or vinegar bath helps? I can’t remember which. Our family dog got sprayed like 25 years ago and it was the worst. Plus if they get hit in the face it hurts. 

    SSDD for me. Just work. I lost my fix it ticket paperwork so I have to try to call the court system today to get a replacement form. It’s cutting it really close. Ugh. And my doctor’s office called asking me to call back, but they didn’t say why. Which is really inconvenient. Either confirm my appointment, tell me you’re canceling, or give a brief synopsis. It’s so hard for me to make multiple business calls during business hours. 
  • Re: Monday, ie who else doesn't get President's Day off?

    At work today too. This weekend felt kind of blah. I think it’s because the house is kind of a mess still and the clutter is making me overwhelmed. SOs back is still hurt and he’s ignoring my advice so I’m not falling over myself to help him and that’s made him a little upset. Dude, take the Motrin. Ice and heat your back. Stop lifting things.

    ETA: stupid TK ate the rest of my comment. Ugh. Not retyping it out on mobile again. 
  • Re: Friiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!

    Not sure what is up for the weekend yet. SO's back still hurts. I really need to get the rest of my stuff out of the apartment. I ended up doing the final walk-through yesterday and they gave me the green light for everything except some spot paint on the walls and the automatic mandatory carpet cleaning fee. I don't know why I was so worried. I took great care of that apartment. I was a fantastic, low-maintenence tenant. If we ever have to get an apartment again, I'm going back there. I really will miss it. They take such good care of the complex. They're even replacing my stove for the next tenant, and my stove works perfectly fine (if a little outdated). 

    I need to take care of my ticket today, go to the gym, and organize more house stuff. Since SO's back is still out of commission there's not a lot we can do with the big stuff in the house. Instacart finally delivers groceries in my area, so that's a tempting new development. I literally have an app album on my phone now called "Bring Me Food." I might have a problem. 

    @6fsn, do you have an easy way to share the apple cranberry cake recipe? It sounds delicious! 

    Fake thanksgivings are SO's favorite thing. I should probably do one soon because I have a bunch of extra thanksgiving stuff that will expire in a few months. 
  • Re: Wedding shower gift

    I always am told buy what' on the registry and nothing personal when it comes to showers..but this time around its my little sister getting married and I am her MOH. I want to do something special. Is getting her a bracelet and earrings to wear for the wedding too personal for a bridal shower? It would come from myself and our other sister. I was thinking it' somethig she could have forever.
    The registry is a guide for what to buy. If you think your sister would find the gift meaningful, go ahead and get it for her. But also keep in mind that she might have an idea of what she would like to wear for the wedding, and it might not be the jewelry you give her.