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  • Re: Wedding Day Timeline

    Your hair and makeup artists will be best when it comes to estimating how long it will take them to finish 10-12 women.

    More importantly, on your invitations list 7 pm NOT 6:30. You don't punish polite people that come early or on time and the staff at Seasons will never know what time your invitation says.
  • Re: Anyone watching the Bachelor?

    I am loving the entitlement of the one blonde single mom "I'm a Mom - I need more time!" "sammy needs a father figure!!!!"
  • Re: Anyone tried a beaching wedding?

    I think you and your FI need to talk about your priorities. It can be tough when what you've always dreamed of doesn't line up with what you can afford. Think about what would matter to you: is it having your friends & family attend? being on the beach? just doing the damn thing however that happens?

    It seems like you're kind of acknowledging that your family may not be able to attend if you have the wedding where you're located. If that's something you're alright with, you could have just you & your FI on the beach.

    If you want your family there, is there a beach located nearer to them? Or could you have a smaller wedding on the beach, invite only your immediate families, host them well (a low key dinner at a restaurant afterwards, possibly) and maybe chip in for part of their travel costs?

    Would you be comfortable pushing the wedding back until you are able to afford everything you want? 
    So...I'm pregnant and that's why the rush. Nice in France is near to my parents and in that way my BMs can chip in and we can have a small wedding. But all those baby coming and future plans are too complicated to allow me thinking about a romantic honey moon in France. I have to give it up. 

    However, you see, beaching wedding is costly and if I had it in LA, it's unreasonable to let my BMs chip in. I guess It's so unfair. Also if it's in LA, there's no way you tell people "I am having a beach wedding but you are not invited, because we don't have money". A beach wedding is what I've dreamt for so long a time. But I guess I had to give it up.


    You can still have a small wedding even if its local. You don't tell people they are not invited unless they bring it up (which is rude on their part). In that case just say "We wish we could invite everyone we wanted. Have you been watching This is Us/keeping up with Steelers/seen any good movies?"

    To avoid people asking or assuming they are invited don't talk wedding details with these people. Coworkers may ask how its going, just answer politely and quickly and change the subject. Don't bring it up yourself.
  • Re: What to do after makeup trial?

    DH and I went out for dinner. I can’t remember if it was fancy or casual but he definitely remarked that it was weird to look at me with so much makeup on, lol.
    I got mine done at sephora for my gender reveal (I know I'm extra) because I needed to buy $50 of makeup any way. All night he and my dad wouldn't stop staring at me and telling me how weird I looked- and I'm a makeup person normally! just not normally usually wearing false lashes in my kitchen/backyard lol
  • Re: What to do after makeup trial?

    Engagement photos, go out with friends or FI, take some really good selfies?