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    kvruns said:
    I didn't ask, she just said she "loves the stuff". 
    How much does she drink??? I would be concerned that too much vinegar would be abrasive on her stomach/esophagus over time...
    When you drink it, you are supposed to dilute, not just take a shot of it. When my mom takes it, she dilutes a capful (something like a teaspoon or a touch more) in a regular 8 oz glass of water. 
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    All they need is a big ol bowl of grass and leaves hillbilly bajingo wash

    I'm pretty sure the big ones are bay leaves! They look exactly like what I put in soup. 
  • Re: I can't tell if I'm being a bitch...

    So two of my sisters got engaged at the same time and got married about six months apart. "Chrysanthemum" got married first and "Magnolia" got married second. 

    I was talking to Magnolia recently and found out that Chrysanthemum had some ideas like it sounds like your BIL may have. Chrysanthemum didn't take up any of Magnolia's offers to help with planning and diy ahead of time (unusual in our family - everyone pitches in), and Chrysanthemum didn't want to talk about anything and didn't think they should talk about their weddings to each other. 

    It's now been several years, and Magnolia told me that Chrysanthemum recently apologized and said she shouldn't have made such a big deal of it. In hindsight, Chrysanthemum apparently said that she wishes she would have let Magnolia take charge of some things and do what she offered. Chrysanthemum has a quieter and less take charge personality while Magnolia was very comfortable taking charge of something and saying to the other people helping "you do this, you do this, you do this," and making sure it got done. 

    Really, I don't think it's a huge deal to talk about your weddings. I'd be fine saying something like, "I don't think it's a big deal to talk about weddings if it comes up. If some things end up being the same, no one will notice or care." And go from there. 
  • Re: Anyone watching the Bachelor?

    I just watched the first episode. 

    Banjo taxidermy girl. Goodness. What will they think of next. 

    When I first saw her, I though that Chelsea reminded me so much of Olivia and not in a good way. Looks and facial expressions. And then she started talking and it was like, "Oh, yea, even more!" I wonder if they're related. 

    ETA: Arie in a suit walking over sand dunes. The end. 

    I'm laughing at "please include picture or description." Umm, it looks like a duck.