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  • Re: Happy Eagles Monday!

    Knotties, please help with travel!

    I'm feeling the need to visit NYC again.  Groupon (darn you!) stoked the fire hotter this weekend with two awesome looking good the East Village.  I was almost ready to book something, when Jet Blue foiled my plans.

    When I went a couple years ago, Jet Blue had tons of $200 r/t fares to choose from.  Now they're $278.

    I did more searching on flights.

    Found some better deals.  But they fly into Newark.  Posts on travel sites (from users) say that it is really convenient to get from Newark to Manhattan via a train that is around $15.  30-45 minutes.

    What say you Knotties?  To fly into LaGuardia would be $40+/person more, but we could take the subway for a few bucks.  30 minutes (guessing a bit). 

    LGA sucks.   There is major construction (started year ago, will last another 7?).
  • Re: Happy Eagles Monday!

    WOOHOO!!!!    Fly EAGLES Fly!

      I'm a little hungover.   Ha.   We had people over.   I was the only true Eagles fan and there were no Pats fan.   Actually a 3rd of the people were not even football fans. (note: most of us are transplants, so we all route for our home teams).

      I felt like a bad host because I sat in the middle of the sofa all night.   People even brought me beer and food.    Ha.   

    I switched shifts with a co-worker so I get the day off.  Here's to sitting on the sofa all day!
  • Re: His...not Hers....the blended family problem

    divarhd said:
    We've seen her exactly once.  Her kids, we're guessing for what one of FBIL daughter's has said, are 1ish, 9ish and 14ish.  Never met them.  No one knew they got married.  One of his daughters said something to her mother and her mother told FMIL.  FMIL told the world.  Clearly its an odd situation. 
    If you don't know these people dont invite any of them. 
    But then she'd also have to not invite her BIL, since these people are now his family. Which, if they're not close, is alright but one would think there'd have to be a decent amount of family drama to exclude a sibling.
    BIL is in the wedding.  So, yeah.
  • Woohoo, it's Monday (aka my friday)

    And the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl! 

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I've been kind-of sick.  Not bad enough to stay at home, but not good enough to be 100% at work either.  I have a bad cough (dry) and not getting enough oxygen (according to my phone app).  

     I start off fine, then crash hard around 1pm. I'm guessing it's the altitude and the fact my inhaler ran out and I wasn't able to refill it sooner.   This was my first time refilling, so I wasn't prepared like I should be.    I just have to get through today then I have 2 days off to get back on schedule.  Wish me luck.

    Have a good Monday.  And good luck to those in the latest snow path.  Mother nature finally dumped snow on us yesterday.  Some 12 inches.   
  • Re: I can't tell if I'm being a bitch...

    I still don't see what the big deal is. 

    I think your response of "we are kind of just king whatever is pretty" is strange. What does what your color might be have to do with being pretty?   Don't most people pick out their version of pretty?
    My sister and brother got married 9 months apart.  They  talked/compared details without it being a competition.  Their colors were the same.  Flowers different. Tuxes were different.  Food was similar.   Can't remember other details.    

    I have a bunch of sibling cousins who got married around the same time.  They also talked about details of their weddings to each other.  Heck, their receptions were even in the same venue.  Some things were similar, others not.  
    IDK, I feel like you are actually annoyed they are getting married 6 weeks after you and trying to nick-pick everything they ask.    It's hardly unusual for siblings to talk about their weddings plans with each other without a motive.  

    And what if there was a motive that they don't want to use the same colors as you because the weddings are so close together.  Is it really such a big deal to be concerned over?    Since their seem to have a color they like and I didn't, I would stay away from their colors.   NBD