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  • Re: Card Box (lantern) pic

    With the glass, you could also try etching--I've never done it, but looked into it for our wedding.  You can buy a DIY kit at any craft store.
  • Re: Do I need a bridal shower?

    Yeah, I wouldn't worry about this.  If someone offers to throw you a shower, it's essentially a gift to you, so they get to call the shots--you can accept or decline their generous offer, of course, if it doesn't work for you due to timing/family issues/you just don't want one.  Anyone that offers should ask for a guest list (usually within a parameter: ie, "I can host up to 30 guests"), but that's about all the say you get.  By putting men and women on the guest list, you essentially turn it into a co-ed/couples' shower.  
  • Re: Sub Zero Outdoor Pics - Help!

    Ok, I’m glad to hear I’m not being a bad friend if I say no! I’ll pribably just bring my full winter garb and if she insists we take pics outside insist that I keep it on expect for maybe one or two quick shots. I definitely don’t want to end up sick! I can only imagine the other girls in the bridal party feel the same!
    Good.  In addition to getting sick, remember that frostbite can develop on exposed areas, like your nose and fingers, in just 30 minutes if the windchill/temp is right.  Your friend being selfish and ridiculous is not a reason to risk permanent damage to your body.
  • Re: Down a BM and GM but I'm an Aunt!!

    Let them remove themselves from the FB group if they don't feel a need to see that many wedding details. Don't decide that for them.

    Maybe you send them a flower corsage/wristlet and a boutonniere to wear while they are Skyped in for the ceremony. 
    I love the flower idea--maybe if you're doing bouquets for your other BMs, send the new mom/mom-to-be a little arrangement that will double as a wedding thing and a "congratulations" bouquet?  Would that be weird?
  • Re: Plus-size Bridesmaid Dress Issues

    Another option would be to pay for your BMs' dresses entirely, or at least pay the amount over-budget for each one, including the cost of alterations.  That is the only way you are going to get the dress you want--unless you cut your family out of your life, thereby "firing" them, and replace them with props who have higher budgets.  But remember that having someone in your WP is a way for YOU  to honor THEM, not the other way around.  Going into debt for you is not an honor.  Honestly, though, none of your guests will notice or care about your BM's dresses matching.  Their eyes will all be on you.