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    @motoLyn, first off, I'm jealous. It's cold here and you're wearing a maxi skirt and flip flops. Indignation all around! But yeah, just kidding. Also, your dogs are too cute. :-) Maus looks absolutely adorable in those tutus especially the one with the sweater. Did you make that or purchase it?
    @chemfanatic25 Hahaha today is going to be 71 degrees.  Thank you.  I make all of Maus' tutus.  She has one for almost all the holidays.  My dogs are used to us dressing them up.

    @twodimes, I LOVE Aussie Sherpards.  I used to have a Blue heeler, I loved that dog so much, she was my shadow. 
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    That is pretty horrible of them to renig on the hiring terms you and your boss had.  I really hope that your boss will convince them to keep you on!  Job vibes!
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    I LOVE all YOUR furbabies, even the kitties which I'm allergic too

    Well it's winter now and it's hitting hard. What are some of the activities that you do with your furbaby to run off that energy?
    My two dogs love to play with another, I think it more like annoying siblings that they pretty much tucker each other out.  Also I live in Southern California, and while some you ladies are bundled up I'm sporting flip flops and maxi skirt right now.  My two dogs also like going to the dog park, an hour there and they nap all day.

    Do you put clothes on your furbaby? Does the pope wear a funny hat, of course!  PICS below.

    Are you planning anything special for your furbaby for Christmas this year? My mother inlaw loves dogs, our whole family and extended family loves dogs, we all get treats and wrap them up for the dogs to unwrap on Christmas eve. 

    What is something that is challenging to deal with having a furbaby? Brutus my English Mastiff is the BEST dog BUT he drools like mad and the drool isn't wet its sticky slobbery stuff that can glue things together.  That's the most challenging thing I find,  Oh also my Weimeraner Maus is an escape artist.  Maus will lead Brutus to the near by park where animal control will pick them up.  What a punk. 
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    Dear @cu97tiger,

    KICK ASS SEABASS on Sunday.

    West Coast Fanfriend!

    Dear lil man Coconut,


    Zombie Mom

    Dear NEY,

    I'm slowly making my way back, take it easy on me, I feel like I'm trailing behind here.

    Been out of the game too long
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    Also I HAVE MISSED you ladies.  This so made my Tuesday afternoon so much more eventful.  Damn I need to check in more often.  THANK you @lifeisajourney for starting this post and sucking me back into NEY.