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  • Re: Baby Kitten Gender!!

    Awww, yay! And wow, you guys have a name so early! BabyNickname didn't have a name until 3 days before I went into labor. 

    We have delivery room footage of us 'introducing' DefConn and then being all, "So, what are we going name him?!"  We had the middle name (my middle name, a family name), but the battle over the first name was fierce.  ;)  We ended up with a name that we both liked from the beginning. 
  • Re: Woohoo, it's Monday (aka my friday)

    I'm so pissed the Jags blew it.  Fuck fuckin' Tom Brady.  Ugh. 

    Weekend was good.  We went to our friend's surprise 40th bday party.  He was totally unaware, so we got him.  :D  He was so surprised to see us.  He's opening a brewery soon (in the next month), so we went to see it before we headed home.  I was so tired yesterday.  We went to bed before 10. 
  • Re: Why not take each situation as it comes?

    My H and I are the opposite - I think people should get to the house on their own, he thinks we should pick them up. 

    We live almost an hour away from our airport. And that's when it's not rush hour and there's no construction. Not only that, but we have a 2 year old, so only 2 adult seat belts unless we uninstall our car seat, which is a PITA.

    And it's about $20/day to rent an economy car from our airport, which is cheaper than paying for transport to/from our house if someone is only coming for a long weekend.

    Really, visitors should just do that and not expect us to drive 4 hours and rearrange our cars just to pick them up/drop them off at the airport.
    I feel you.  We used to live an hour away from the airport and picking people up sucked. 

    We currently live about 20 min, give or take from the airport.  I'm much more inclined to pick someone up if it works for me.  But also, it's a pretty cheap uber ride to my house.  So I wouldn't feel bad telling someone to find their own way. 
  • Re: Prudie Day (I think; is it Thursday?)!!

    It is Prudie day. :D They changed their site format and it's throwing me off. 

    It's sunny today.  It's still cold.  But I am happy for the sun vs. grey and dreary. 
  • Wednesday

    Yesterday was crazy, but I felt ridiculously unproductive.  

    We have to go to a meeting Friday to discuss DefConn's reading issues.  He's been behind, and he's catching up, but not fast enough.  I've also wondered off and on if he's dyslexic because of some of his habits, and difficulties, when reading.   So hopefully, we can decide on a course of action, testing, etc and get him on the right path forward.  

    In other news, he may be moving schools next year.  I'm hoping not, because he'll be so stressed about it, but we'll deal with it. 

    I started watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel because someone on here said they liked it (plus it won Golden Globes).  I. Love. IT!