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    Well @JediElizabeth I think my being picked as BM instead of him tipped him a bit.

    He felt that because he as the G spend 6 hours a day with each other for the past 3 years entitled him to the role where as the G felt that as I've been with him through high school bullying, getting his job, his first car, his first tequila ( my fault actually) his first time meeting his FI, his grandfathers passing and his dads recovery from cancer that i was the one who had actually been the closest friend ( this is all what he's apparently said to M during and argument according to a mutual friend).

    He also has said to me that he's chosen me over others because of how well I treat his Fi. I'm the only one of his friends who have actually tried to get to know her and have tried to include her in group events. She and i even went to get our nails done together without him being involved at all, were as his other friends will talk to her through him.

     So M is out and G has said that if any of the others try to pull the same string they're gone too as it's not about them it's about him, his fi and their families which he said included me even though i'm not blood.

    So score one for progression and modernisation. I feel like a glass of wine is in order when I finish work later.
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    @short+sassy  apparently i'm to feminine for short hair when I wear a dress but i'm not allowed to be a GM because i'm over emotional and untrustworthy. Seems like an oxymoron to me.

    Either way he crossed a line the other day as he told my SO to keep me in line when we were having a discussion about music. I said i didn't enjoy the music of a certain artist as it was about beating women and he said I obviously didn't know anything about music. When I said that i'm sure his music has merit but his content needs work at which point he tells my SO to keep me in line and I asked him how expected my SO to do that as free speech is allowed to everyone and he suggested the my SO takes some of the rappers advice. At which point i felt threatened so left but apparently he is no longer involved with the wedding so i guess that's a win. 
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