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  • Re: I'm not a florist…can I arrange my own baby's breath??

    For my brother's wedding, we had the flowers delivered the day before the wedding. My SIL, uncle, aunt, brother, and I put together 4 bouquets, toss away bouquet, bride's bouquet, centerpieces, etc. all within a few hours. It really didn't take very long because we all worked together on it. The most difficult part was putting on the floral tape and making bows. I definitely think this is doable for you, but I don't know how many stems you'd need. All we did is keep the stems in water overnight in a shady spot, and they looked perfect the next day. Like PP said, i would test your work out ahead of time. That would help you figure out when to have them delivered too. We had them delivered as late as possible because we used Calla lilies and orchids from Grower's Box. Good luck with your flowers! :)
  • Re: This once anti-wedding girl joined... The Knot?!

    Your ring is absolutely spectacular. Congrats on your engagement & pending adoption!! 
  • Re: Feeling guilty-- What to do?

    Something that I've read over and over again on boards that I really like is that weddings are not tit for tat. Just because she asked you doesn't mean you have to ask her. That being said, if you want to ask her, then go for it! Bridal parties are a lot different than they were 20 years ago. It's a lot more common to see uneven bridal parties. Scheduling can definitely be a headache for dress shopping, but besides showing up in their dresses for your wedding, they don't have any other tasks unless they offer to help out with crafts and whatnot. If you don't want her to be in the bridal party, you can always ask if she would do a reading for you (if your wedding is religious). 
  • Re: Grand Canyon honeymoon?

    Whenever I go out west my family flies into Vegas, and we use that as our central location. It's awesome because California, Utah, and Arizona are all within driving distance. You can also get a steal if you stay right off the main strip (first few times we stayed on the strip- the last 2 times we stayed at the Sun Coast). The Grand Canyon is so beautiful and definitely worth seeing, but definitely be aware of what PP said. I'm okay with crowds and touristy stuff so it wasn't an issue for me, but might be for you depending on your personality! The Hoover Dam is also pretty neat to visit too! Good luck planning your honeymoon, and have a good time. 
  • Re: Is there a right and/or wrong way?

    If you're not close to her, then definitely don't ask her. In my area, it's usually siblings and extremely close friends in the bridal party (different from a lot of people on TK I guess). FI asked his 2 brothers, BIL, and my brother. I asked my sister, 2 FSILS, and my SIL. The only reason i asked my brother's wife is because I'm extremely close to her. I can't imagine getting married without having her by my side! I asked my FSILs as well because I'm close to them and really like them. Choose whomever you want, but don't feel like you NEED to ask her.