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  • Re: Money comes with strings, honeys.

    My parents did something similar, except they didn't have the money to pay all expenses. We had to start at community college and they paid 100% there, if all grades were passing. If we failed one class, they stopped paying and we were on our own. After community college, they would help as much as they were able.  My brother & sister both failed classes their first year and ended up paying for their own schooling, which they did. My parents paid all my community college tuition because I kept my grades up. When I went away to college, they helped out with about $500 a month toward my expenses all the way through graduation. I had grants, scholarships, some minimal student loans, and worked full time while taking full time classes to cover the rest. 

    ETA: I also didn't go to my first choice college, due to high cost. I did move out of state for school though, because My state didn't have great options for my major, but went to another public state college. I also didn't go to 4-year college until I was 24 and they stopped looking at my parents income for financial aid, because I couldn't get enough aid to afford it until that time. And I am SO thankful for the help my parents were able to provide. 
  • Re: Orlando shooting

    This never should've happened.  Does anyone have idea on how to help?
    Call your congressional respresentatives and demand that they support gun control. 
    This was the second mass shooting by someone on a watch list, the bill to block them from being able to buy weapons was killed in the house back in December. Pun unintended.

    This is also the fourth or fifth mass killing using this gun. Call it whatever you want to, it doesn't matter to me if its an automatic, semi or whatever. This gun in particular clearly has characteristics which makes it the go to gun for mass killings. That alone should speak volumes, but unfortunately it seems the NRA speaks louder. 
    I think this is the bigger issue than a call to ban guns.  This guy was on the watch list and had been investigated by FBI multiple times for possible terrorist ties, and he still somehow passed the federal background check to buy a gun. There are people that have a significant history of mental and anger issues, who still pass the checks for a gun, as long as they weren't so bad off to require court involvement in their mental status.  Personally, I don't want to give up my constitutional right to own a gun and be able to protect myself.  But, I also have nothing to hide if they increase the standards on background checks.  Although, I also don't think the government has any right to analyze my private health records or search my home to determine if I'm a responsible owner. So, there is definitely a fine line on that one, but I think they do need to make some improvements on that end of it.
  • Re: Calling the whole thing off

    I'm glad that you spoke to FW and she was able to give you some support.  But, I wanted to say that I hope you find the additional help and support that you need. Dealing with mental health issues are so difficult, especially when it is an ongoing chronic illness. Sadly, my family has history of a multitude of mental illnesses, most prevalent being depression and/or bi-polar.  I've seen many people in my life go through it and have seen the ongoing struggle it takes. Even when you do find professional help, the struggle continues and it's a big balancing act to find the right combination of the right medications and the right types of therapy to make life tolerable.  And it usually includes a lot of failed combinations and trial and error before the right balance is found.  But, don't lose hope.  Find help and pursue getting the right help until they find what works for you.  I'm a big proponent of searching for the right doctor and not being afraid to find another if one doesn't seem like the right fit for you. We have no problems shopping for the right car or the right house, that we should definitely be comfortable to shop for the right doctors, especially when our health and lives are at stake.  So, previous attempts at help may not have worked, so keep trying... find that right person that will stick with you and help solve this for you and help you get your life back on track. But, don't give up. I hope you find some ray of sunshine that can penetrate your darkness.   

  • Re: Can't Sleep - Ideas? Anyone Else?

    I went through it too when wedding planning.  I also often deal with sleep issues when I get really overloaded at work, which I'm dealing with lately.

    I don't do any caffeine at all after noon.  And I often drink chamomile tea before bed. 

    When my brain won't shut off, it sometimes helps to write all the thoughts down.  Or I often will go turn on tv reruns or movies I've seen a billion times.  Or audiobooks for books that I've already read, so I don't need to focus on it or pay attention to it. That distracts my brain enough to sleep usually.
  • Re: Odd Questions/Venting/Regrets LONG

    As far as asking your guests, you don't have to, but if you are that worried about what they would like, I would maybe consult a couple of your VIP's to see if they have a preference. I did a lot of back and forth with my mom, sister, and MIL when making decisions or even just running an idea past them to see what they thought of it.