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  • Re: FBILs STILL haven't been fitted

    Honestly this would bother me. I'm a planner. I'm organized. But frankly if they are saying they aren't coming why in the world are you focused on a tux? So you don't have several groomsmen. Your wedding goes on. 
  • Re: XP Bridal Shower with No Registry?

    Honestly, if you are going the luncheon route and people ask about gifts you say "it's just a gathering, not a shower. No gifts necessary."
  • Re: XP Bridal Shower with No Registry?

    Try to convince them to at least do a themed shower - like kitchen gadgets or stock the bar or games for the new couple. If not I would basically stay out of it. I would attend as a bridesmaid but not really help. If they ask why say you are uncomfortable having essentially a cash shower. 

    Also, as a guest if I got a shower invite with no registry I would not attend. 
  • Re: Lackluster Short Wedding Reception For A DW Dilemma

    Do you have a separate room or area at the buffet? That's the only kind of odd thing to me. It's really not a reception as much as a group lunch with a bunch of people from the public there too. 

    You don't need alcohol to be proper but I would try to swing it for either the lunch or the pizza dinner. The tour thing at night sounds awesome!
  • Anyone watching the Bachelor?

    I really liked Arie when he was on initially. I think he is not the stereotypical macho muscle guy which is good to see. He came off pretty well last night though the show's fascination with his kissing technique is going to get old. 

    The women seemed like the normal crew - some bitchy, some normal, some sweet, some crazy. I see a few in there who could be interesting.