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  • Re: Mission trip con

    VarunaTT said:
    Huh.  I'm more shocked that it was cheaper to go through a mission group than anything.  B/c the trips I've seen in the churches around here, ain't cheap.

    This would be wrong no matter what the trip was affiliated with.  If you are saying you're going to do thing A, you do it.  Not skip out to do thing B.
    Some of them do fundraising before the trip in order to defray the costs, though normally you need to participate in the efforts before the trip.  But the groups my college church groups sent were careful to make sure it was worth the labor instead of just sending money.  

    And since they mentioned Mexico...I really wonder where they're going on  mission trip that would make for a good vacation.  Our Mission Mexico group went to a town that was really dangerous.  Like, the priest they coordinated was publicly murdered a few weeks after the trip dangerous.  
  • Re: More Trump misogyny and creepiness, regarding his pageants

    SP29 said:
    SP29 said:
    Ugh.... an article showed up in my FB feed, where a Trump supporter said, "Listen, no man attacks a woman unless she's looking like she's asking for it". And this was said by a woman -_-.

    That made me angry. Unless a woman literally says, "Hey you over there, come f*** me senseless"- no, she was not asking for it.

    Also sad to me that women are OK with putting down other women. Why? I don't know, but it's sad.
    I read a study once (Summary here: Only 4.4% of reported rape cases involved provocative behavior on the part of the victim. The majority of convicted rapists don't even remember what their victim was wearing.

    Let me repeat that: don't even REMEMBER what their victim was wearing.

    But, sure, rape only happens to women who look like they're asking for it.

    But of course if anyone ever tries to present facts and logic to Trump or one of his supporters, it's like you're showing them something invisible. Nope, it just doesn't exist.
    Augh, and from that study linked "In murder cases 22% involved such [provocative] behavior (as simple as a glance)."  So that 4.4% could very well include stuff like 8 year olds "seducing" 40 year old men.  Not just women running around drunk, naked and whatever (not that any of that would excuse rape in the slightest.  But if I saw anyone literally running around drunk and naked, I'd at least notice.).

    And in a normal election, I'd think (hope) that showing logic and facts might help.  I've tried, with people I previously respected a lot, and I'm normally pretty persuasive.  Not an inch.  Thank god none of my family is voting for him.
  • Re: More Trump misogyny and creepiness, regarding his pageants

    This has been such an incredibly depressing week.  I wasn't surprised about Trump's character, since I'd heard about the alleged raping of a 13 year old.  I think (I hope) that what set this comment apart from all of the other horrible stuff for some people was that these comments weren't just offensive; they were admitting to doing something illegal and grossly immoral. `

    But, the worst part for me was how some friends leaped to defend him.  Comparing it to 50 shades of grey and rap music and of course deflecting to Bill Clinton.  Saying it's all just politically motivated.  I expected Trump to be a scumbag, but  I had assumed most of his supporters just cared more about their perception of his support for their issues and just ignored his awfulness.  If they had just said this is absolutely terrible, but I still feel like he's the better choice because of X, Y and Z (none of those having to do with President Clinton), I'd honestly feel a lot more hopeful about the world.  They could at least just acknowledge, without excuses, that this is unacceptable.

    And with the timing, I've been thinking about my own experiences.  I was raped twice during psychotic episodes.  I didn't report either one because I knew there'd be no chance of a conviction and I was barely hanging on as it was.  But if I ever found out one of those a-holes were running for president, I'd tell everyone and take it to the press.  At that point speaking up has a chance of doing something.  Especially if there's a tape saying they did similar things.

    And re Rush Limbaugh-I listened to some of it, and it's so much creepier sounding that just reading the words.  
  • Re: I'd bring takeout. Every time.

    How can the sister be making it up if she doesn't know she's eating fish?  This mom seems so determined to be right that she doesn't care if she hurts her daughters in the process.  Ugh.
  • Re: Four names in the world

    Why can't LW talk to her brother?  Surely she's not spoiling the pregnancy surprise for him.  I think there could be a compromise here (nickname the dogs for when the niece/nephew is around?), though with SIL's attitude I wouldn't be very open to compromising...