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    @jenna8984 I think that's exactly why it has become a ghost town here.  It usually takes me about three or four attempts to be able to post, and that's days I am able to log in.  --- I'm sorry your first day back was rough.  Hopefully it gets better soon for you and @minskat30

    We're halfway through painting our front porch and it already is making the house look 100x better.   All that is left are the stairs, railing, and floor.  I'll make sure to get pictures later.

    I got my bridesmaid dress back yesterday! After three fittings, and intense alterations it finally fits!!! And my seamstress is freaking amazing and only charged me $65 even though she had redo all the stitching.  Now I can get excited for next week! 
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    @AlPacina woohoo that's awesome! One less debt! This is what they're making:
    Image result for birch candle holders They are really pretty, it just cracks me up how overboard his parents are going with them.  But hey, we're all getting along right now, so I'll take it as a win!

    @wink0erin can't wait to see the patio once it's all done! 

    @lizzytish88 that sucks that the price went up.  I keep wanting to get a planner to keep a log of my workouts and what I eat.  And then I forget until someone else brings up a planner haha 

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    Going to grab stuff out of my jewelry box.  Perk of dating a jeweler family, I have a lot of stuff I never wear.  But open to any suggestions on what would work best. 

    This is my dress:

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    And doing my hair like this:
    Bridal hair wedding hair updoWhitley Lyon of Cowan and Co offers the HOW TO for this sleek and chic chignon the perfect bridal look

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    What do you buy when you shop when hungry?
    Usually junk food -- this weekend I got popcorn and chocolate 

    What is the last thing you treated yourself to?
    Clothes and shoes

    What is the last nice thing you did for someone else?
    My bf was really upset that he didn't get to see DMB this year (he's gone to at least one of their shows every year for the past 15 years).  I saw that Tim Reynolds was doing a solo tour and surprised him with tickets yesterday. 

    What is the last nice thing someone has done for you?
    A coworker offered to buy me pancakes for breakfast 

    What is your perfect day?
    Any day spent at the beach is perfect for me -- Second choice is just relaxing outside with a cup of tea