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  • Re: Beware of David's Bridal!

    I bought my dress from David's bridal and had it altered there.  I paid $1150.0 for the dress and $318.00 for alterations – almost $1,500.00 for my wedding dress!   The only 2 times I have tried on my dress were for my 2 alteration sessions at the David's Bridal store in Natick, MA.  I am very unhappy with the service I received, and the rudeness shown to me by the manager on duty Wednesday 1/13/16 when I went to pick up my dress at 5pm. 

    On Wed January 6, 2016 I went to try on my dress after my first alterations appointment.  There were a few things that needed to be fixed which included an uneven hem, an uneven bustle, and the stay band needed to be tightened.  That’s fine, my mom was with me, and saw the dress, and noticed no other problems with it.   Last night, January, 13, I went to pick up my dress after these alterations were complete for a 5pm appointment.  I drove 1 hour from my work to get there.  When I got there, I was asked if I wanted to try on my dress which I declined since I forgot to bring my petticoat and bustier with me and I assumed that the dress would be fine since nothing major was done to it, and that I could trust the alterations department at David’s Bridal since this is their job and the only thing they do besides selling dresses.  I then drove an hour to get home with my dress.  I brought my dress to my parents’ house because that is where it is being stored until my wedding which is this Saturday 1/16.  As soon as I got there, my mom and I opened the bag and were horrified at what we saw.  There were pink, brown, and grey stains on the dress, as well as picks in the fabric, and discolorations in the fabric (which I am assuming from pressing the dress).    The most prominent stain was a pink stain on the front of the bodice – very noticeable – I don’t know how the alterations department even let it out the door looking like that (I have dated and timed pictures of these if you need me to send them to you (so you can see how little time elapsed, considering I live an hour away) ).

    After thoroughly examining the dress, I called David’s Bridal, where I spoke with an associate, who then told me a manager would call me back.  I then spoke with the alterations manager, who said she couldn’t do anything unless I brought the dress back and she could look at it.  At this point, it was almost 7pm.  I drove an hour back (you can see in my David’s Bridal account how far away I live from your nearest store!) to David’s bridal with one of my bridesmaids for moral support, and was not helped upon entering the store – we were actually ignored by multiple associates while standing in the entryway holding my dress.  Eventually, we found the alterations manager who brought us back to the alterations department, and we showed her the dress.  She didn’t apologize, or comment, just took the dress in the back “to go over it with a fine toothed comb”, and left us to wait.  After 30-45minutes, she brought the dress back out, and it was still covered in stains.  We went through the dress again, marked the dress with at least 10 more pins where it needed cleaning and she went back a second time to clean.  Keep in mind, there are still picks in the fabric that can’t be corrected.

    The second time, the dress was brought out, it looked better, cleaner, and the alterations manager took it back to re-steam it. She offered a new bag, which was helpful.  I am appalled I did not receive an apology or acknowledgement that this type of situations should NEVER have occurred.  I paid a lot of money for this dress and expected it to be treated with care, and trusted David’s Bridal to do so.  I was obviously wrong to do so. I also want to note that while we were there, another bride was getting a final fitting and she asked us why were there so long where we politely just said they are adjusting a few things. Out of courtesy to your brand and staff, we did not make a scene. I was obviously wrong to do this too.

    We didn’t end up leaving the store until 9:45pm, 45 minutes after their closing time.  Before we left, we spoke with the manager (unfortunately she didn’t tell us her name, but she was tall, with dark brown hair in a ponytail, wearing black pants and a black shirt with white details on it).  We asked her if anything could be done since this this situation never should have happened.  She proceeded to be extremely rude to us, spoke to us in a very unprofessional tone, snapping at us, and indicated that it was my fault because I didn’t try on the dress at the time of pick up. Regardless of looking at it or not, your job is to make my very expensive dress look good and the fact that it went out to a customer that way is completely poor business practice. Additionally, the fact that she was still arguing despite the alterations manager having to go over it twice to remove the stains is ridiculous. When you had the opportunity to fix the situation, the attention to detail was NOT there and it was brought out with stains still on it. Eventually, she said she would “look into it,” but got no definite answer, and still no apology or acknowledgement that it was the fault of David’s Bridal.   Regardless of the fact that I did not try on the dress, IT NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN COVERED IN STAINS!!  I shouldn’t have received a dress in anything less than perfect condition, especially when spending almost $1500.00 on it…from a company that only focuses on WEDDING dresses the details of your wedding, and making your “dream dress perfect.”   I shouldn’t have had to drive back to David’s bridal because they did not take care of my dress.  I shouldn’t have been put in this situation 3 days before my wedding – extra stress, extra driving, and not to mention wasting everyone’s time.  I didn’t get home until 11pm last night, I am very tired, very angry, and will never use David’s Bridal for anything ever again, nor will I recommend it to anyone. Your customer service has been way below par, and I have never been treated so rudely in a store before – EVER.

    I am requesting that someone from your Corporate location contact me regarding this experience, and attempt to rectify the situation. I will also have you know that a friend of mine had a very similar experience to this with this exact alterations department and David’s Bridal location so perhaps you should look into this store and their employees further.

    Someone from David's Bridal corporate contacted me the NIGHT before my wedding - proceeded to talk to me like i was stupid, and say since i didn't try my dress on at the time of picking it up, it was not the store's fault that my dress was covered in stains and had thread pulls. She said they normally offer 10% off the dress in situations like this which I find highly unacceptable. I SO did not need this aggravating phone conversation the night before my wedding, on my way to our rehearsal. The woman I spoke with said she would get back to me that evening with an answer, and of course she never did. This situation is still unresolved, and I am still very upset with my experience shopping at your store....still awaiting a resolution.

    To the bolded and in that order:

    You should've at least checked the dress before you left.  It would've saved a whole round trip and they would have been able to fix it as soon as possible.  They let it go out the door like that because you said it was okay and took it with you.  Once it's out the door, it generally isn't their responsibility anymore.

    I worked retail for six years, and more than once has someone come in with two minutes until we could lock the door and forced us all to stay because "oh, you can't close when there's a paying customer in here!  *har har har*".  I'm sorry that you got snapped at, but remember that they were at work an extra 45 minutes longer than they had to (and probably weren't getting paid for it).

    They're name may be David's Bridal, but they do more than JUST wedding dresses.  My girls ordered their bridesmaid dresses from here, but they also have prom dresses and dresses for other formal occasions.

    It sounds like corporate got back to you as soon as they could, and they told you what they offer for when a customer isn't satisfied.  I'm sorry that you weren't happy with what they offered you, but it sounds like they did what they could.
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  • Re: MOTB dress

    Royal blue with your colors sounds awesome.  My colors are mint and gold, my mom just got her dress today in a lavender color.  I can't wait to see it, because it sounds like it'll look nice.  Besides, she's paying for her dress.  Let her pick something she'll be happy wearing for hours upon hours.
  • Re: Bouquet to throw + a bouquet to keep?

    When I was meeting with my florist she asked if I would want a toss bouquet and I said no, because I didn't want to do a bouquet toss.  I think I'll be giving it to my mom and dad, since their wedding anniversary is two days before my wedding.
  • Re: Facebook brides are just so horrible

    My favorite is the one where they are "tastefully asking for money with a poem".  Because poems couldn't POSSIBLY be anything other than cute and sweet.
  • Re: Traveling for Shower

    I'm guessing you're not planning on traveling from TX to PA by car

    A couple of ideas:
    • See if there will be anyone (guests, family, etc) that would be willing to transport some stuff for you
    • Have your mom (or whoever does your shower invites) state that, due to the distance, you would prefer to have larger items shipped directly to you, but ask them to put a picture of their gift in a card they bring to the shower so that you can know who sent what and thank them in person. A lot of gifts that are shippped directly registries don't come with any of the senders information, so you'd probably be asking around to find out who the thank you card should go to anyways.
    Some people who don't shop online may still bring things, but hopefully it would cut down on the amount of larger items you have to get back to TX.

    To bolded:
    -I do not.  I've only ever flown, and it's a 24 hour drive.  I cannot do that at all.  Too much for me, even with stops.

    -I like the second option a lot.  I'll bring this one up the next time I get to talk to her.  It was her, my FMIL and FSIL/MOH who got together to plan it, but I don't think there are really any solid plans.  I also know that my bedroom hasn't really been touched other than to tidy it up a little more than how I left it when I moved, so maybe if I don't get everything shipped right away, my parents will be okay with me storing things in there.