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    @LizzyTish88 Oh man, I hate when that happens! I've had a couple times where I drive out to the store or someplace only to realize I don't have my purse or wallet. One time I asked an employee if I could store my basket to the side and come back and they allowed it. Usually I just give up though. 

    Yesterday I did absolutely nothing and it was amazing. I lounged in sweats all day, knitted, watched Netflix, and made rice krispie treats. Today there is a contractor at my house installing a new french drain and patio. Work should last through the week and part of next week. I am SO excited to finally have a patio! (And less excited to deal with the water drainage, but that was necessary.)
  • Re: Monday Questions

    @Alpacina I have no idea if anyone is performing with him instrument-wise. 

    @speakeasy14 Thankfully this time I'm very familiar with the concert location (it's right next to my workplace, which also means I can park in my work garage fo' free!) but my friend and I have joked that we should drive aimlessly around town for an hour beforehand and then walk in circles to relive the experience.
  • Re: October

    @speakeasy14 If you need quick costume ideas go to the pajama section of Target for lovely gems like these! (And if you get the Eeyore one we can match, because I totally bought one)
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    Something you liked about September? Being single. Kayaking for the first time. Going to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. 
    Something you disliked about September? Work was hectic at the beginning of the month! 
    Something you accomplished in September? Completing two big cases for work. Bought a kayak and used it. 
    Anything exciting going on in October? Haunted houses! Halloween party! Probably will do a weekend trip somewhere, just don't know where yet. 
    What are you not looking forward to? Scheduling audits for work, potentially getting slammed with a new case at work. 
    Goals for October? Clean my house a bit so I can have guests over without being embarassed. 
    Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, what is your costume going to be? I always dress up, and I always make my costume! This year I'm going to be Rey. 
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    It's now Tuesday but whatever. 

    How was your weekend? I had a pretty relaxing and productive weekend! I decorated the outside my house for halloween. I'm not completely done, but for now it is AWESOME. I'm just hoping no one steals my projector lights (or my attack flamingo, who has guarded my house since shortly after I moved in). Here are some night photos, and one daytime one as a bonus. 

    Anything exciting coming up? On Thursday I am going to a Ben Folds concert with a guy friend of mine. Some backstory to make it interesting... 12 years ago a friend told me a guy friend of hers was going to a concert and needed a road trip buddy. She vouched for him, so I agreed. He picked me up outside my dorm and we got to know each other over the 3 hour drive. Ended up getting lost in the town where the concert was and couldn't find the venue. We FINALLY found it, walked in the doors excited to finally have made it, and then a crowd flooded out exclaiming how great the concert was. So, yeah, we missed the whole thing. It made for a great story and we are still good friends, so now we are finally seeing Ben Folds!  

    Do you like the fall?  If so, what's your favorite part? I LOVE FALL! The decorations and weather are my favorite. And stepping on crunchy leaves. 

    Give me some dinner inspiration.  Image result for mac n cheese gif

    If I give you $50 show me what shoes you'd buy.
    I'd chip in the extra $10 or so for these. I can't wait for the Vans Toy Story collection to drop!Toy Story x Vans Collaborative Collection
    What monthly subscriptions do you currently have? None! I dropped them all to save money for a while. EDIT: I have Netflix!