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I am thinking of doing something like this with mason jars for our reception, which is not a formal sit down but casual with light horderves. I would love to do mason jars for drinks that guests can then take home. But I'm having a little trouble working out the logistics. 

We are definitely having beer (most likely kegs) and wine, but still have not solidified what we are doing for non-alcoholic drinks.  If we are having 150 guest, how many mason jars do you suggest we have? I was thinking 200, knowing some would break or some people would inevitably use more than 1. I am thinking it would be easiest to have water, lemonade, any other non-alcohohic drinks in bottles. That way if people were drinking both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks they could keep their mason jar for the alcohol and drink the non-alcoholic drinks out of bottles. 

Has anyone else done anything similar? How did you work at the logistics? 


Re: mason jar help

  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago
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    First off, I hate the mason jar pinterest fad.

    But I think you will need way more than 200. Are you expecting your guests to clean out their jars after each drink? It would be really gross to go from lemonade to beer without getting a new jar.

    Side note, mason jars are heavy and not easy to drink from.

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  • Mason jars do not make great drinking glasses for the majority of folks. If your entire crowd doesn't drink from them on a regular basis, I'd really reconsider this plan. 

  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA
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    I think having commemorative mason jars is cute, but I'd really recommend having "regular" glasses for your guests as well. I mean, how will they take them home? Most people don't want to carry around wet jars home, especially if you're from out of town (how would I wash it?). If you want to give it as a gift and encourage your guests to use it then that's fine, but expect most people to not use it.
  • @acanon526 my FI and I are also contemplating this, just waiting to hear if our venue will allow it. We had an idea to have the mason jars (with handles) double as escort cards. I don't care if Pinterest has created a total over-kill with mason jars - I like them and will use them as decor or drinking glasses if I want to. We also liked the idea because we are doing an open bar - people would be less likely to set a drink down and walk away from it/waste it if they had their own glass. As far as rinsing it out between drinks - check with your venue and if the bar could work with you on this if someone was really offended by it. I think we would serve wine in wine glasses, but everything else I wouldn't give special glasses. If people don't want to take them home, fine, leave them or throw them away, but hopefully they will have served their purpose for the evening. If you like them, by all means, mason jar away! :)
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  • I love mason jars! I'm using them as decor (with lace and burlap! :O) for my wedding but not as glasses, I love the idea though. I've noticed a lot of restaurants going that direction. I was just at a new brewery that uses mason jar glasses and had no problem drinking from them.
  • We're doing the same thing!  Pint sized mason jars (which are not too heavy) will be the escort card, favor, and beverage cup for the night.  We're also getting plastic cups from BJ's Wholesale or another warehouse type store that will be kept behind the bar in case someone wants 2 drinks, something breaks, etc.  Our venue also has a small prep kitchen and our DOC has already said she'll rinse jars if people need them cleaned out.  We don't have the budget to provide more than 1 jar per person, and really it's a favor too so I don't think we should be expected to.  Just have a back up plan and you'll be fine. 
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta
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    I love mason jars (probably because I'm not on pinterest and therefore aren't sick of them yet).  But they are nice for decor, not glassware.  They are difficult to drink beer out of, and impossible for wine.  Also, you need to assume that most of your guests are going to have 4-5 different beverages.  If you want them to drink everything from a mason jar, you need to buy/rent about 700 of them.  You can't expect guests to mix drinks or wash them for each new drink.

    Instead, I would recommend filling the jars with candy if you want to use them as a favor.  Or use them to make centerpieces with fresh flowers.  Then use regular glassware for beverage.  
  • Since we are on the mason jar topic... I had initially wanted to use them as escort cards and drinking classes. Re-thinking them as drinking glasses but still think they would be cute as escort cards/favors if filled with something. BUT given that the majority of our guests are from out of town, is glass something most would want to deal with packing to take home?? Beginning to think they will be a waste of a few hundred dollars... hmph.
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  • KatWAG said:

    First off, I hate the mason jar pinterest fad.

    But I think you will need way more than 200. Are you expecting your guests to clean out their jars after each drink? It would be really gross to go from lemonade to beer without getting a new jar.

    Side note, mason jars are heavy and not easy to drink from.

    Every bit of this. It's a bad idea. You are better off with heavy plastic disposables.

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  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs
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    My daughter used margarita glasses as her favor/escort cards. On the same table, there were two giant margarita glasses filled with Jelly Belly's for guests that wanted to use their glasses in that way. For others, the glass served as a reminder to use them (if they chose) for the signature drink, a frozen margarita.  We had a full, open bar, however, so guests were not obligated to use them as their drinking glass.

    Were some left behind?  Yes.  Did others pitch them once they got home?  Perhaps.  But the idea suited the couple and their drink.  They bought the glasses for a steal, and it was one of their few "frivolous" purchases.  (Not frivolous in cost as much as wasteful/non useful.)
  • MrsP675 said:

    I guess this is just good practice for how to deal with incredibly rude wedding guests! LOL - If you don't like my choice of glassware, then you can stay for one drink (so your glass stays clean!) and then go find yourself somewhere else to be for the rest of the evening!  It's not for you to say what's over-done or not. And here I thought that this site was for helping and supporting other people who are going through planning a wedding, not putting down other people's ideas. No one was asking whether or not mason jars are "in" or not.

    THANK you for pointing that out!! I keep trying to get help on this site or am reading other peoples' posts and I am starting to believe that women don't know the difference between answering a question and just unabashadly criticizing people. NOBODY asked what that stranger's opinion was on mason jars. if you don't like it then don't say anything! If you aren't there to answer the question then say NOTHING! SO glad somebody else is not tolerating this.

    acanon526 I am opting for bottled water and non alcoholic beverages as well.  I am making sure I have ice so that if someone wants to pour their non alcoholic drinks into a glass they can do that, but many won't because they'll be cold already. 

    Mason jars are pretty affordable and so it's better to have too many than too few.  Besides, you can always sell the whole lot on craigslist or something when you're done. I am sure there is some other bride out there who would love to have them for her wedding (or really anyone for a party).  200 for 150 sounds good - on all that stuff I've been added 1/4th to 1/3rd onto the quantity (plates, glasses, etc).
  • I love the Mason Jar idea, we are doing it too for our wedding. For 150 guests we bought 200 jars, just to have some extra and for those jars that are lost/broken. We are using the jars as our main drinking glasses, but also supplying plastic solo cups for those who prefer not to drink out of a Mason Jar all night. 

    For those who say drinking out of a Mason Jar is difficult should try it sometime. Me and my FI drink out of Mason Jars all the time. 
  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago
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    So I was just reading People Style yesterday. Every month they do a "what's in and what's out" story. They specifically listed mason jars as "out." The article said if you want something new and fun, pick a moscow mule cup. They are light weight, have a handle and are easy to drink from.
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  • I could care less what People Magazine says. I love mason jars. We live in NC and its pretty common around here for folks to drink out of mason jars. FYI Moscow Mule cups are very expensive. The real copper ones range from 15+. Not realistic for my wedding. 

  • For those of you who are interested. Here is what we have decided: 

    the event staffing company who is providing the bartenders have agreed to set up a dish washing station behind the bar so that the bartenders can wash out drinks of people want to switch back and forth between different beverages.

    we are serving lemonade, water, and beer out of the mason jars. we are serving wine out of rented wine glasses. and we will have some disposable glass wear to use as extras in case we run out. for a guest list of 150 I am going to make 200 mason jars with chalk paint so people can write their names on them and take them home. That way we will have 50 extra.

  • Another thing you could do is get like a 100 pack of the clear plastic cups as an emergency backup if glassware runs out. It may be goid just for peace of mind but if it goes unopened you can take them back to the grocery
  • where are you all buying these mason jars inexpensively?

    I need to buy 20 for our centerpieces and when I see them at the grocery store they are expensive!!!

    and for the brides that say mason jars are "out" or "overdone"- then don't have them at your wedding. I am annoyed by a lot of wedding trends these days but I wouldn't try to persuade a complete stranger into my way of doing things :)
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  • @lizzypoo96 just google wholesale mason jars. For example I found this site and seems pretty cheap for a case of 12
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  • It's your wedding! Who cares what some magazine thinks is in or out? I love mason jars. We won't be using them as drinking glasses because we don't need to, but we will be using them as decoration. I was also wondering where I could purchase these for a good price.
  • Keep an eye out on Amazon for cheap mason jars. I got my jelly jars there for 80 cents per jar but have seen them go on sale since with free shopping. If you add them to your wish list without purchasing, they'll send email updates when they go on sale. I love mason jars and am using them to put hot coco ingredients in for favors for our November 22 wedding. An idea I found (gasp) on pinterest. In 30 years most wedding trends will be out, like puffy 80's sleeves. Who the heck cares! Do what makes you and your budget happy.
  • emmaaaemmaaa North Carolina
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    I live in NC also, where Mason jars are and always have been very popular. In fact, I always drink from pint sized Mason jars. I have a ton because my family farms and cans the vegetables. After I use a jar of vegetabls, I wash it and use it as glassware.

    My Daddy has a very extensive collection of the blue Ball Mason jars of all sizes that I'm using as centerpieces and decorations. I had thought about getting some for beverages but was worreid about them breaking. I hope it all works out for you.

  • Hey Ladies! I am doing the mason jars, burlap, and lace theme for my wedding.  I don't care if people or magazine say its out it is perfect for my barn wedding.  I found an great deal on mason jars with handles here on the link below.  Goodluck

  • I get what you are saying. When I asked this question on a public forum, I open myself up to criticism. However, I didn't ask for people's opinions on whether or not it is a good idea. I simply asked for feedback on the logistics. It is pretty tacky to criticize someone's entire wedding theme. 
  • It would simply be a dish washing tub behind the bar. So, someone would come up to get a refill and the bartender would immediately rinse their drink, fill it back up, and then hand it right back. 

    Also we have found chalk pens that only wipe off with an ammonia based cleaners. So rinsing their names won't fade if the bartender rinses the glass. 
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