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  • Heffalump said:
    I hear you on this. I recently had a heart to heart with my sister about similar antics regarding her PPD. First of all, she's having a PPD that she's not being honest about, she's dictating long, yellow dresses that really don't flatter people with my body shape/hair color, she didn't check with anyone for budgets on the dress, and then she dictated brown wedges for shoes, which means I had to go out and buy two new pairs of shoes (the first pair I bought 'wasn't exactly what she had in mind,' but they were on sale so I couldn't return them), and when discussing my wedding and how I didn't care what shoes or jewelry the BMs wore, or how they did their hair because the pictures are about the people in them, not their physical appearance, she said, and I quote, "Nope. You can go be ugly somewhere else."

    So I finally got tired of it and told her that I was feeling more like a photo prop than a sister, and that while yes, it's ok to have a vision, it's not ok for that vision to trump other people's comfort, especially the people you claim to be nearest and dearest to, and that she needed to start thinking about how her decisions affected other people.

    She apologized and said she was sorry that she'd made me feel that way, etc. Two days later, I get a text message with a picture of a hairstyle asking how I liked it, because she was thinking that that's how all the bridesmaids should have their hair done. -.- Sigh. At least she's checking opinions now, I guess.
    I had to wear canary yellow as a bridesmaid in 2009. I usually keep long BM dresses for other formal events, so I still have it. I have worn all my other BM dresses again, but not that one. 
    Years ago, my brother was engaged and they called off the wedding about a month beforehand.  After I talked to him and learned that this had been a long time coming and he was actually relieved, my next thought was "Thank god I don't have to wear that yellow empire waist dress that makes me look like a pregnant banana."
    OMG. Pregnant banana were the exact words I used when I was telling FI how I felt in this dress. What is it with canary empire waist dresses? 

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