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How to say "no kids" on wedding website?


Re: How to say "no kids" on wedding website?

  • edited September 2016
    Thank you for the advice, everyone.  
  • Agree with the above.

    Also as an FYI- STDs are not required for all guests. Limit these to your VIPs. This gives you some wiggle room when it comes time to send out your invitations. Anyone who receives a STD MUST receive in invitation.

    I will also caution you on venue capacity. Even when a venue tells you the room can hold X, that is usually pretty squishy with tables everywhere, including the dance floor that need to be moved later.

    Venue capacity needs to include all your vendors. Your DJ will likely sit at his/her DJ boot. Your photog I would keep in the room for photos. They don't necessarily have to sit at the same table as your guests, but it seems odd to "kick them out" to the hall by them self.
  • My venues "capacity" was I believe 350. We had about 175 (half the "capacity"), and it did NOT feel at all empty (I think if we would have put about 50-75 more people in it would have started to feel a little tight). There was room to move, we had a few extra tables in case people wanted to switch up tables and mingle after dinner, a large dance floor, we had the buffet, coffee station, cake table, and gift table set up in the back.. If we had actually filled to capacity, there would have been no dance floor, no room for the DJ to set up equipment, the buffet/cake table/coffee station would have likely been set up in the hall instead of in the actual ball room, and I feel like people wouldn't have had room to move. Just something to think about when talking about what a venue CAN hold, versus what is SHOULD hold.
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